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  • ddos attacks, ddos, denial of service attack, distributed denial of service attack, security, tech n

    DDoS attacks fall 73% in Q3: Kaspersky

    Technology | November 06, 2020 12:33 IST

    To stay protected against DDoS attacks, Kaspersky experts recommended that organisations should maintain web resources operations by assigning specialists who understand how to respond to DDoS attacks.

  • google, ddos attack, google stops biggest ddos attack, security, cybersecurity, denial of service at

    Google stopped biggest-ever DDoS cyber attack to date: Know details

    Technology | October 17, 2020 18:38 IST

    Google recently announced ‘Cloud Armor Managed Protection' which enables users to further simplify their deployments, manage costs, and reduce overall DDoS and application security risk.

  • gyan saptah to be celebrated from sept 1

    'Gyan Saptah' to be celebrated from Sept 1

    India | September 01, 2014 7:43 IST

    Ahmedabad: Gujarat government has planned week-long celebrations 'Gyan Saptah' for Teacher's Day from September 1 to 5 during which several activities including leanliness drive in villages will be organised.As per an official press release issued