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  • ‘WannaCry’: Contrary to Centre's assurance, ransomware to spread rapidly, warn IT experts

    May 16, 2017 12:09 IST

    Differing from the government’s view that the WannaCry ransomware attack has had a minimal impact on India and that there was nothing much to worry about, IT experts have warned users against the cyber-attack saying it is expected to rise rapidly in

  • CIA can hack anything from smartphones to smart TVs, claim leaked WikiLeaks docs

    World | March 08, 2017 16:41 IST

    In what is possibly the largest ever leak of CIA documents in history, anti-secrecy organisation WikiLeaks on Tuesday released thousands of documents describing sophisticated software tools and techniques used by the agency to break into

  • Decoded! How to make quantum computers 'hack-proof'

    February 05, 2017 20:46 IST

    To protect next generation computers from hacking, scientists have come up with the first high-dimensional quantum cloning machine that can intercept a secure message. Protecting traditional computer systems, which use zeros and ones, from hackers

  • This material can make future computers 100 times more power efficient

    World | October 06, 2016 12:44 IST

    With the aim of making future computers more energy efficient, researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have developed a new material known as a magnetoelectric multiferroic that could solve the power management issues of modern day

  • tcs infosys wipro join obama s computer science for all plan

    TCS, Infosys, Wipro join Obama's computer science for all plan

    World | February 01, 2016 11:47 IST

    Washington:Three major Indian IT companies Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services and Wipro have joined US President Barack Obama's ambitious computer science for all initiative as part of a public-private collaboration, pledging over USD 3 million in grants.Obama

  • computer science should be taught as basic skill in us

    Computer science should be taught as basic skill in US: Barack Obama

    World | January 31, 2016 7:46 IST

    WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama today emphasised on the need for teaching computer science as a basic skill to all children in the US and asked Congress to provide funding to help students especially girls and

  • indian information and communication technology hardware

    Indian information and communication technology hardware market grew 24 percent in 2014-15

    July 17, 2015 17:21 IST

    New Delhi:  The overall size of Indian information and communication technology (ICT) hardware market grew 23.98 percent over the previous year in 2014-15 to stand at $15.87 billion, an annual industry performance report said here

  • giant asteroids wiped out life on early earth

    Giant asteroids wiped out life on early Earth

    World | July 31, 2014 16:09 IST

    Washington: Using a computer simulation model based on a moon crater, planetary scientists have revealed that early Earth is likely to have been hit by giant asteroids capable of killing off life and completely resurfacing

  • computers replace humans reading weather reports

    Computers replace humans reading weather reports

    June 15, 2014 17:02 IST

    Anchorage, Alaska: Two outpost offices of the National Weather Service in Alaska are finally ending what has been a bygone practice for most of the nation for almost two decades - using real human voices

  • new optical diode to help make faster cooler computers

    New optical diode to help make faster, cooler computers

    April 07, 2014 16:25 IST

    Washington: Here comes an optical device that may lead to new and more powerful computers that also run faster and cooler. Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have developed an essential component of new computers

  • new method allows computers to teach each other

    New method allows computers to teach each other

    April 03, 2014 15:41 IST

    Washington: Researchers have developed a new method to allow a computer to give advice and teach skills to another computer in a way that mimics how a real teacher and student might interact.Researchers from Washington

  • armed forces drdo computers hacked

    Armed Forces,DRDO Computers Hacked

    March 07, 2014 17:15 IST

    New Delhi: In a major security breach, around 50 computers belonging to the armed forces and the DRDO were hacked sometime back and classified files could have been compromised. Apparently in view of the development, an

  • 50 computers belonging to armed forces and drdo hacked

    50 computers belonging to armed forces and DRDO hacked

    India | March 06, 2014 23:08 IST

    New Delhi: 50 computers of the DRDO containing highly sensitive information have been hacked said the government forces.In a major security infringement, 50 computers and highly classified files had been hacked.The government had ordered a

  • revealed your computer could be hacked by using only sound

    Revealed: Your computer could be hacked by using only sound waves

    World | December 05, 2013 6:29 IST

    New Delhi: The most secure computers in the world are completely isolated from other machines—protected by “air gaps,” with no Internet connection, no shared phone lines, nothing. Conventional wisdom goes that such computers are impossible

  • iit delhi alumnus discovers the difference between men and

    IIT Delhi alumnus discovers the difference between men and women brains

    India | December 04, 2013 13:54 IST

    New Delhi: Former IIT Delhi computer science student Ragini Verma has discovered gender differences in the human brain.She has created the first ever map of neural circuitry.A study led by Ragini Verma, an associate professor

  • get ready to pay more for computers laptops blame rupee

    Get ready to pay more for computers, laptops; blame rupee weakness

    June 21, 2013 12:00 IST

    New Delhi, June 21: Leading computer makers like Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard (HP) are set to hike prices of their products by up to 10 per cent in the coming weeks, hit by increasing input costs

  • varsity students prefer lectures to computers says study

    Varsity students prefer lectures to computers, says study

    World | October 08, 2012 15:51 IST

    Toronto, Oct 8: Despite the increasing presence of social media and the internet, university students still prefer old style lectures, being less enthusiastic about using computer-based information and communication tools (ICTs), says a study.Surprisingly, instructors

  • army chief to gift howitzers and computers to bangladesh

    Army Chief To Gift Howitzers And Computers To Bangladesh

    World | June 16, 2011 21:52 IST

    New Delhi, Jun 16: Forty years after taking part in the liberation war against Pakistan, Indian Army Chief Gen V K Singh will gift howitzers and modern computers to Bangladesh during his five-day visit to

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