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Nazitam Pin Code

India has 29 states with at least 720 districts comprising of approximately 6 lakh villages, and over 8200 cities and towns. Indian postal department has allotted a unique postal code of pin code to each district/village/town/city to ensure quick delivery of postal services.

A Postal Index Number or PIN or PIN code is a code in the post office numbering or post code system used by India Post, the Indian postal administration. The code is six digits long.

The first three digits of the PIN represent a specific geographical region called a sorting district that is headquartered at the main post office of the largest city and is known as the sorting office. A state may have one or more sorting districts depending on the volumes of mail handled. The fourth digit represents the route on which a delivery office is located in the sorting district. The last two digits represent the delivery office within the sorting district starting from 01 which would be the GPO or HO.

Nazitam Pin Code is 737134. Pin Code is also known as Zip Code or Postal Code. Nazitam is located in district East Sikkim, Sikkim, INDIA.

DistrictEast Sikkim
RegionNorth Bengal And Sikkim
CircleWest Bengal
Telephone No.NA
Office TypeB.O
Delivery StatusDelivery
Related Sub OfficeSingtam S.O
Related Head OfficeGangtok H.O

Nazitam Near By Pin Code List

AmbaRhenockEast SikkimSIKKIM 737133
AritarRhenockEast SikkimSIKKIM 737133
Assam LingzeyRanipoolEast SikkimSIKKIM 737135
BardangSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
BeringPakyongEast SikkimSIKKIM 737106
BermiokPellingEast SikkimSIKKIM 737113
BermiokSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
BeyongSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
BhusukGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737103
BojoghariGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737103
ChangayshantiPakyongEast SikkimSIKKIM 737106
ChongeyGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737103
ChujachenRangliEast SikkimSIKKIM 737131
DalapchandRangliEast SikkimSIKKIM 737131
DeoraliGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737102
DhajeyGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737102
DikchuDikchuEast SikkimSIKKIM 737107
Dipudara Nhpc ComplexSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
DugaRangpoEast SikkimSIKKIM 737132
East PendamRangpoEast SikkimSIKKIM 737132
Gangkha BustySingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
Gangtok BazarGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737101
GangtokGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737101
GnathangGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737102
GorDikchuEast SikkimSIKKIM 737107
KarthokPakyongEast SikkimSIKKIM 737106
Kateng BokrangRangpoEast SikkimSIKKIM 737132
KhamdongSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
KokalaySingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
KyanglashaGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737102
LatukRangliEast SikkimSIKKIM 737131
LingdokGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737103
LingdumGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737102
LingeeSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
LingmooSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
LingtamRangliEast SikkimSIKKIM 737131
LingzeySingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
LinkeyPakyongEast SikkimSIKKIM 737106
LuingGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737103
LumlingthyangDikchuEast SikkimSIKKIM 737107
LunsingSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
MajitarRangpoEast SikkimSIKKIM 737136
MakhaSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737138
MamringRangpoEast SikkimSIKKIM 737132
Maney DaraRangpoEast SikkimSIKKIM 737132
Middle CampRanipoolEast SikkimSIKKIM 737135
NamcheybongPakyongEast SikkimSIKKIM 737106
NamphingSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
NamthangRangpoEast SikkimSIKKIM 737132
NandokRanipool / GangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737135
NazitamSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
NeyaSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
North ReguRangliEast SikkimSIKKIM 737131
PabyiokGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737102
PacheykhaniPakyongEast SikkimSIKKIM 737106
PakyongPakyongEast SikkimSIKKIM 737106
ParkhaRangliEast SikkimSIKKIM 737131
PenlongGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737103
PhadamchenRangliEast SikkimSIKKIM 737131
Rajbhawan East SikkimGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737103
RakdongDikchuEast SikkimSIKKIM 737107
Raley KheseyDikchuEast SikkimSIKKIM 737107
Rangli BazarRangliEast SikkimSIKKIM 737131
RangpoRangpoEast SikkimSIKKIM 737132
RanipoolGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737135
Rautey rumtekRanipool / GangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737135
Ray minduRanipoolEast SikkimSIKKIM 737135
RhenockRhenockEast SikkimSIKKIM 737133
RolepRangliEast SikkimSIKKIM 737131
RorathangRhenockEast SikkimSIKKIM 737133
RumtekRanipoolEast SikkimSIKKIM 737135
Sakhu BustySingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
SamdongDikchuEast SikkimSIKKIM 737107
SamdurGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737102
Samlick marchakRanipoolEast SikkimSIKKIM 737135
SangkholaSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
SherathangGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737102
Shivalaya Mandir LingseyRhenockEast SikkimSIKKIM 737133
Sichey GaonGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737101
SinchuthangSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
SingtamSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
SMUSikkim Manipal UniversityEast DistrictEast SikkimSIKKIM 737102
SongSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
South ReguRangliEast SikkimSIKKIM 737131
SudunglakhaRhenockEast SikkimSIKKIM 737133
SuminSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
TadongGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737102
TarkuSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
TashilingGangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737103
TazaRhenockEast SikkimSIKKIM 737133
Temi TarkuSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
TshalamthangPakyongEast SikkimSIKKIM 737106
TuminSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
TurungRangpoEast SikkimSIKKIM 737132
Upper DalapchandRhenockEast SikkimSIKKIM 737133
Upper KhamdongRhenockEast SikkimSIKKIM 737133
Upper MartamRanipool / GangtokEast SikkimSIKKIM 737135
Upper PendamRangpoEast SikkimSIKKIM 737132
West PendamSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
YangyangSingtamEast SikkimSIKKIM 737134
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