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  • nearly 700 scientists quit drdo in six years says govt

    Nearly 700 scientists quit DRDO in six years, says Govt

    India | December 05, 2012 23:21 IST

    New Delhi, Dec 5: Nearly 700 scientists have resigned from India's premier military research body DRDO in little less than six years from 2007, Defence Minister A K Antony said on Wednesday.In a written reply

  • mystery of roma gypsies cracked their ancestors were indian

    Mystery of Roma Gypsies cracked, their ancestors were Indian Dalits, say scientists

    India | December 04, 2012 13:23 IST

    New Delhi: A team of international scientists led by Dr Kumarasamy Thangaraj of the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, has concluded that the aboriginal scheduled tribe and scheduled caste population of north-western India, traditionally

  • scientists hope to develop cream to treat skin cancer

    Scientists hope to develop cream to treat skin cancer

    Lifestyle | November 21, 2012 6:34 IST

    Melbourne: Australian researchers have created a new chemical that imitates a melanoma-killing virus, a biomedical engineering advance that could lead to developing a cream to treat skin cancer in future.Researchers at Melbourne based RMIT University

  • scientists discover the source of water on moon

    Scientists discover the source of water on Moon

    World | October 15, 2012 21:16 IST

    Washington, Oct 15: Scientists have discovered that the most likely source of water on Moon is the constant stream of charged particles from the Sun known as the solar wind. The findings by researchers from

  • scientists claim solving riddle of ball lightning

    Scientists claim solving riddle of ball lightning

    World | October 15, 2012 7:57 IST

    Sydney, Oct 15:  Glowing globes of electricity or ball lightning have been around for centuries - but without any scientific explanation for their existence. Scientists in Australia have proposed a new theory -- that ball

  • scientists hope to develop cream to treat skin cancer

    Scientists hope to develop cream to treat skin cancer

    India | October 08, 2012 11:17 IST

    Melbourne, Oct 8: Australian researchers have created a new chemical that imitates a melanoma-killing virus, a biomedical engineering advance that could lead to developing a cream to treat skin cancer in future.Researchers at Melbourne based

  • scientists find way of reversing muscle waste

    Scientists find way of reversing muscle waste

    World | September 28, 2012 16:41 IST

    London, Sep 28: A key factor which slows down muscle repair during ageing can also be reversed, potentially opening the way to their renewal, says a study conducted on mice.Researchers from King's College London, Harvard

  • top global space meet takes off in mysore

    Top global space meet takes off in Mysore

    India | July 14, 2012 15:53 IST

    Mysore, Jul 14: Scientists from 74 countries gathered here today for a nine-day mega space meet that would deliberate on contemporary topics in the realm of space around the globe.As many as 2,300 delegates, including

  • eureka physicists celebrate evidence of particle

    Eureka! Physicists celebrate evidence of particle

    World | July 04, 2012 16:19 IST

    Geneva, Jul 4: To cheers and standing ovations from scientists, the world's biggest atom smasher claimed the discovery of a new subatomic particle Wednesday, calling it “consistent” with the long-sought Higgs boson—popularly known as the

  • talking in front of mirror makes one smarter says katrina

    Talking in front of mirror makes one smarter, says Katrina

    Bollywood | June 29, 2012 22:48 IST

    Mumbai: Here is a valuable tip for those who want to look smarter.Katrina Kaif tweeted, “@KatrinaKaif_: Scientists suggest: Talking to yourself in a mirror actually makes you smarter. Did you ever try it? Yes I

  • scientists see red on nasa cuts of mars missions

    Scientists See Red On NASA Cuts Of Mars Missions

    World | February 27, 2012 14:49 IST

    Washington, Feb 27: NASA is making a cosmic U-turn on the road to Mars. For the past two decades, the U.S. space agency has been practically obsessed with Mars. It has hardly missed an opportunity

  • higgs boson may have been identified says report

    Higgs Boson May Have Been Identified, Says Report

    World | December 13, 2011 20:51 IST

    Geneva, Dec 13: Scientists at the CERN physics research centre said on Tuesday they had found signs of - although not yet conclusively discovered -- the Higgs boson, an elementary particle which is the missing

  • scientists claim breakthrough in treating parkinson s

    Scientists Claim Breakthrough In Treating Parkinson's Disease

    World | November 10, 2011 12:48 IST

    Melbourne, Nov 10: Australian scientists have claimed a breakthrough in the treatment of Parkinson's disease by allowing the body to produce dopamine using stem cells.An ABC report quoted Lachlan Thompson of University of Melbourne saying

  • three us born scientists win nobel physics prize

    Three US-Born Scientists Win Nobel Physics Prize

    World | October 04, 2011 16:35 IST

    Stockholm, Oct 4: Three U.S.-born scientists won the Nobel Prize in physics on Tuesday for a study of exploding stars that discovered that the expansion of the universe is accelerating.The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

  • scientists to create artificial volcano for climate change

    Scientists To Create Artificial Volcano For Climate Change Experiment

    World | September 15, 2011 13:18 IST

    London, Sept 15: A bizarre ''artificial volcano'' experiment taking place at a disused Norfolk airfield next month could help save the planet from global warming. British scientists will attempt to pump water up a hose suspended

  • because of pirates scientists ask navies help in indian

    Because Of Pirates, Scientists Ask Navies' Help In Indian Ocean

    World | July 15, 2011 15:46 IST

    Sydney, Jul 15: Driven away by Somali pirates, international scientists are asking the Australian and U.S. navies for a favor: deploy 19 robotic instruments in the Indian Ocean to record critical data on climate and

  • scientists make sick and ageing cells healthy again

    Scientists Make Sick And Ageing Cells Healthy Again

    World | July 03, 2011 18:30 IST

    New York, Jul 3 : An ‘elixir of life' could soon be reality, scientists claim. In remarkable experiments, researchers took cells from children who were old before their time and made them healthy again.The cells

  • top nuclear scientists among 44 killed in russian plane

    Top Nuclear Scientists Among 44 Killed In Russian Plane Crash

    World | June 21, 2011 19:41 IST

    Moscow, June 21 :  At least 44 people, including Russia's top nuclear design scientists and eight foreigners, were killed today when a passenger plane crash landed and burst into flames on a highway in heavy

  • scientists make vaccine for dengue

    Scientists Make Vaccine For Dengue

    World | June 15, 2011 8:46 IST

    Jakarta, Jun 15 : Scientists are optimistic they may soon have a vaccination for dengue fever, a disease that threatens more than half the world's population. A crucial final-phase trial has just ended in Thailand and

  • scientists recreate beginning of universe with mini big bang

    Scientists Recreate Beginning Of Universe With Mini Big Bang

    World | November 08, 2010 23:01 IST

    Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider have come the closest ever to re-enacting the beginning of the Universe – reproducing conditions a millionth of a second after the Big Bang.  Colliding particles of lead at