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  • road accident kills 42 school children in bangladesh

    Road Accident Kills 42 School Children In Bangladesh

    World | July 11, 2011 21:33 IST

    Dhaka, Jul 11: In a tragic accident, at least 42 school children were killed and over 30 others missing after a truck carrying them plunged into a canal near Bangladesh's southeastern port city of Chittagong

  • suicide bomber kills 8 in pakistan

    Suicide Bomber Kills 8 In Pakistan

    World | April 04, 2011 21:05 IST

    Peshawar, Apr 4: A teenage suicide bomber struck a bus terminal in Lower Dir area of northwest Pakistan today, killing eight persons, including an anti-Taliban militia leader, and injuring over 20 others, police said.  The

  • mob kills 8 foreigners during quran burning protest in

    Mob Kills 8 Foreigners During Quran Burning Protest In Afghanistan

    World | April 01, 2011 21:49 IST

    Kabul, Apr 1: Eight foreigners were killed Friday after demonstrators protesting a reported burning of the Muslim holy book stormed a U.N. office in northern Afghanistan, opening fire on guards and setting fires inside the

  • suicide bomber kills 36 near afghan army centre

    Suicide Bomber Kills 36 Near Afghan Army Centre

    World | March 14, 2011 22:10 IST

    Kunduz (Afghanistan), Mar 14 :  A Taliban suicide blast hit an army recruitment centre in northern Afghanistan today, killing 36 people and wounding another 42 in the second attack on the base in three months.The

  • fire in crowded chile prison kills 81 inmates

    Fire In Crowded Chile Prison Kills 81 Inmates

    World | December 08, 2010 19:57 IST

    Santiago, Dec 8: A fire killed at least 81 inmates in Santiago early today in what officials called the worst ever disaster at a Chilean prison. "It's an immense tragedy -- probably the worst in

  • qaeda bombing kills 23 shiites in yemen rebel bastion

    'Qaeda' Bombing Kills 23 Shiites In Yemen Rebel Bastion

    World | November 24, 2010 22:55 IST

    Sanaa, Nov 24: A suicide car bomber killed 23 Shiites at a religious procession in Yemen today, an attack a tribal chief charged was a bid by Al-Qaeda to fan sectarian tensions in the already

  • love triangle at 13 000 ft belgian woman kills rival by

    Love Triangle At 13,000 ft: Belgian Woman Kills Rival By Sabotaging Parachute

    World | September 25, 2010 9:23 IST

    A skydiver accused of killing her love rival by sabotaging her parachute went on trial in Belgium on Friday, reports The Daily Mail, London. Prosecutors say jealousy drove Els Clottemans to kill Els Van Doren,

  • pak army foils suicide attack kills 3 attackers

    Pak Army Foils Suicide Attack; Kills 3 Attackers

    World | July 20, 2010 13:39 IST

    Islamabad: Three suicide attackers tried to storm an army base in northwest Pakistan on Tuesday but security guards foiled their attempt and shot them dead, police said. The attackers, wearing suicide jackets and carrying arms,