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Alheda Jagir Pin Code

India has 29 states with at least 720 districts comprising of approximately 6 lakh villages, and over 8200 cities and towns. Indian postal department has allotted a unique postal code of pin code to each district/village/town/city to ensure quick delivery of postal services.

A Postal Index Number or PIN or PIN code is a code in the post office numbering or post code system used by India Post, the Indian postal administration. The code is six digits long.

The first three digits of the PIN represent a specific geographical region called a sorting district that is headquartered at the main post office of the largest city and is known as the sorting office. A state may have one or more sorting districts depending on the volumes of mail handled. The fourth digit represents the route on which a delivery office is located in the sorting district. The last two digits represent the delivery office within the sorting district starting from 01 which would be the GPO or HO.

Alheda Jagir Pin Code is 458110. Pin Code is also known as Zip Code or Postal Code. Alheda Jagir is located in district Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA.

OfficeAlheda Jagir
CircleMadhya Pradesh
Telephone No.NA
Office TypeB.O
Delivery StatusDelivery
Related Sub OfficeManasa S.O
Related Head OfficeNeemuch H.O

Alheda Jagir Near By Pin Code List

AankaliManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458113
AantriManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458113
Alheda JagirManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458110
Amawali JagirNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
AthanaJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458330
AthvaJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458226
Baghana NeemuchNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
BaisalaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458118
BangredJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458220
BardiaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458110
BarlaiManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458116
BarthunManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458113
Bawal NaiJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458330
BhadanaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458118
BhadvaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458113
BhadwamataNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
BhamesarManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458118
BharbhadiaNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
BhatkhedaNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
BhatkhediManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458110
Bisalwasa KalanNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
BoojManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458118
Bordia KalanMalhargarhNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458553
Borkhedi PanediNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
ChachorManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458116
ChalduNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458339
ChandrapuraManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458118
ChaplanaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458113
ChayanNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
ChitakhedaNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
ChokadiManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458110
ChukaniManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458110
DadoliJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458220
DantaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458116
DarooNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
DeekenJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458226
DenthalManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458113
Devari KhawasaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458113
DevranManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458118
DhamniaJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458220
DhangaonJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458228
DhardiJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458228
DoraiJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458226
DudhlaiManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458118
Garwada AloriJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458226
Hadi PipliaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458110
HanspurManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458110
HanumantiaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458116
Harkia KhalNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458336
HarwarNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458336
JalinerManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458110
JamuniaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458110
Jamunia KalanNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
JanakpurJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458220
JannodManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458118
JatJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458226
JaviNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
JawadJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458330
JeeranNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458336
JhantlaJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458228
JhardaMalhargarhNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458553
KadwasaJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458228
KanakhedaNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
KanawatiNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
KanjardaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458110
Kankria TalaiJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458226
Karadia MaharajNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
KesharpuraJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458468
KhadaliManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458110
KhadawdaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458116
KhorJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458470
KojyaJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458228
KukdeshwarManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458116
KunchrodMalhargarhNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458339
KundlaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458113
LasudiaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458118
LasurJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458220
LohariaJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458226
MahagarhManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458113
MajiriaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458118
MalkhedaNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
ManasaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458110
MeghpuraJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458330
ModiJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458220
MorwanJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458220
MoyaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458113
NalkhedaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458113
NalwaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458113
Naya MalahedaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458110
Nayagaon C FJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458468
Neemuch CityNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
Neemuch Ghanta GharNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
NeemuchNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
Neemuch Jawahar NagarNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
Neemuch R.S.NeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
Neemuch Victoria BarracksNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
NewadNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
PalsodaNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
PardaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458110
Piplia GhotaManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458116
Piplia RaojiManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458110
PiploneNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
RabdiaNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
RamnagarJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458220
Rampura NeemuchManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458118
RatangarhJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458226
Revali DevaliNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
SarodaJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458330
Sarwania MaharajJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458220
SawanNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
Semali ChandrawatJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458220
SingoliJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458228
SirkhedaNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
SuwakhedaJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458330
TalJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458228
TamotiManasaNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458116
TarapurJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458330
ThdoliNeemuchNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458441
UmarJawadNeemuchMADHYA PRADESH 458226
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