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Poroscodem Pin Code

India has 29 states with at least 720 districts comprising of approximately 6 lakh villages, and over 8200 cities and towns. Indian postal department has allotted a unique postal code of pin code to each district/village/town/city to ensure quick delivery of postal services.

A Postal Index Number or PIN or PIN code is a code in the post office numbering or post code system used by India Post, the Indian postal administration. The code is six digits long.

The first three digits of the PIN represent a specific geographical region called a sorting district that is headquartered at the main post office of the largest city and is known as the sorting office. A state may have one or more sorting districts depending on the volumes of mail handled. The fourth digit represents the route on which a delivery office is located in the sorting district. The last two digits represent the delivery office within the sorting district starting from 01 which would be the GPO or HO.

Poroscodem Pin Code is 403512. Pin Code is also known as Zip Code or Postal Code. Poroscodem is located in district North Goa, Goa, INDIA.

Office Poroscodem
DistrictNorth Goa
Telephone No.NA
Office TypeB.O
Delivery StatusNon-Delivery
Related Sub OfficePernem S.O
Related Head OfficePanaji H.O

Poroscodem Near By Pin Code List

AdvalpalBicholimNorth GoaGOA 403503
AdvoiSattariNorth GoaGOA 403530
AgarwadaPernemNorth GoaGOA 403512
AldonaBardezNorth GoaGOA 403508
Alto BetimBardezNorth GoaGOA 403521
Alto porvorimTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403521
AnjunaBardezNorth GoaGOA 403509
ArambolBardezNorth GoaGOA 403524
ArporaBardezNorth GoaGOA 403516
AssagaoBardezNorth GoaGOA 403507
AssonoraBardezNorth GoaGOA 403503
BagaBardezNorth GoaGOA 403516
Bambolim CampTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403201
Bambolim ComplexTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403202
BastoraBardezNorth GoaGOA 403507
BetimBardezNorth GoaGOA 403101
BetkiPondaNorth GoaGOA 403107
Bicholim Industrial EstateBicholimNorth GoaGOA 403529
BicholimBicholimNorth GoaGOA 403504
BirondamSattariNorth GoaGOA 403506
C.C.AltinhoTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403001
CaisuaBardezNorth GoaGOA 403509
CalanguteBardezNorth GoaGOA 403516
CalvimBardezNorth GoaGOA 403523
CamurlimBardezNorth GoaGOA 403507
CancaBardezNorth GoaGOA 403510
CandeparPondaNorth GoaGOA 403406
CandolimBardezNorth GoaGOA 403515
CansarvornemPernemNorth GoaGOA 403512
CarambolimTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403110
CaranzalemTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403002
CarapurBicholimNorth GoaGOA 403505
CaronaBardezNorth GoaGOA 403523
ChimbelTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403006
ChoraoTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403102
ColvaleBardezNorth GoaGOA 403513
CorgaoPernemNorth GoaGOA 403512
CorjuimBardezNorth GoaGOA 403508
Corlim IETiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403110
CotoremSattariNorth GoaGOA 403506
CudneBicholimNorth GoaGOA 403505
CumbharjuaTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403107
DarbandoraPondaNorth GoaGOA 403406
DhagalimBardezNorth GoaGOA 403513
DodamargBicholimNorth GoaGOA 403503
Goa UniversityTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403206
Goa velhaTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403108
GuleliSattariNorth GoaGOA 403506
GurimBardezNorth GoaGOA 403507
IbrampurPernemNorth GoaGOA 403503
KerimSattariNorth GoaGOA 403505
MalarTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403403
MandremPernemNorth GoaGOA 403527
MandurTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403104
Mapusa I.E.BardezNorth GoaGOA 403507
MapusaBardezNorth GoaGOA 403507
MarcaimPondaNorth GoaGOA 403404
MaulingeBicholimNorth GoaGOA 403504
MauziSattariNorth GoaGOA 403506
MayemBicholimNorth GoaGOA 403504
MenkurimBardezNorth GoaGOA 403513
MiramarTiswaddiNorth GoaGOA 403001
MoiraBardezNorth GoaGOA 403507
MorjimPernemNorth GoaGOA 403512
MorlemBicholimNorth GoaGOA 403505
MulgaoBicholimNorth GoaGOA 403503
N B VeremTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403109
NachinolaBardezNorth GoaGOA 403508
NagargaonSattariNorth GoaGOA 403506
NagzarPernemNorth GoaGOA 403512
NanoraBicholimNorth GoaGOA 403503
NanoremSattariNorth GoaGOA 403506
NavelimBicholimNorth GoaGOA 403505
NerulTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403114
NeuraTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403104
Nio Dona PaulaTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403004
OndaSattariNorth GoaGOA 403530
Onda I.E.SattariNorth GoaGOA 403530
OxelBardezNorth GoaGOA 403517
OzariPernemNorth GoaGOA 403513
PaleSattariNorth GoaGOA 403105
PanajiTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403001
ParraBardezNorth GoaGOA 403510
ParxemPernemNorth GoaGOA 403512
Penha De FranceBardezNorth GoaGOA 403101
PernemBardezNorth GoaGOA 403512
PiedadeTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403403
Pilar North GoaTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403203
PilerneBardezNorth GoaGOA 403114
PilgaoBicholimNorth GoaGOA 403504
PillemPondaNorth GoaGOA 403406
PirnaBardezNorth GoaGOA 403513
PissurlemSattariNorth GoaGOA 403530
PondaPondaNorth GoaGOA 403401
PoriemSattariNorth GoaGOA 403505
PoroscodemPernemNorth GoaGOA 403512
PorvorimBardezNorth GoaGOA 403501
Pratapnagar HarvaleBicholimNorth GoaGOA 403505
QuerimPernemNorth GoaGOA 403524
QurinpaniPernemNorth GoaGOA 403524
Reis MagosTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403114
RevoraBardezNorth GoaGOA 403513
RibandarTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403006
SaipemBardezNorth GoaGOA 403515
SalemBicholimNorth GoaGOA 403503
SaligaoBardezNorth GoaGOA 403511
Salvador De MondBardezNorth GoaGOA 403101
SancordemPondaNorth GoaGOA 403406
SangoldaBardezNorth GoaGOA 403511
SanquelimSattariNorth GoaGOA 403505
Santa CruzTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403005
SanvordemSattariNorth GoaGOA 403506
Secretariat North GoaTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403521
Sem SaligaoBardezNorth GoaGOA 403511
Shiroda North GoaPondaNorth GoaGOA 403103
SinquerimBardezNorth GoaGOA 403515
SiolimBardezNorth GoaGOA 403517
SirgaoBicholimNorth GoaGOA 403503
SiridaoTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403108
SirsaimBicholimNorth GoaGOA 403502
St InezTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403001
St. LourenceTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403204
SurlaBicholimNorth GoaGOA 403505
TamboxemPernemNorth GoaGOA 403512
TarvalemPondaNorth GoaGOA 403103
ThanaSattariNorth GoaGOA 403506
Tivim IeBardezNorth GoaGOA 403526
TivimBardezNorth GoaGOA 403502
TorxemPernemNorth GoaGOA 403512
TuemPernemNorth GoaGOA 403512
Tuem I EPernemNorth GoaGOA 403512
UcassiamBardezNorth GoaGOA 403507
UsgaoPondaNorth GoaGOA 403406
ValpoiSattariNorth GoaGOA 403506
VarcondaPernemNorth GoaGOA 403512
Velguem OSattariNorth GoaGOA 403506
Velha goaTiswadiNorth GoaGOA 403402
VirnoraPernemNorth GoaGOA 403512
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