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Tanushree Dutta supports Zaira Wasim's decision: 'She understands religion better'

Tanushree Dutta released a statement in support of Zaira Wasim and her decision to quit films.

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New Delhi Published on: July 01, 2019 16:07 IST
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Tanushree Dutta supports Zaira Wasim's decision: 'She understands religion better'

Zaira Wasim who rose to fame after her commendable performance in Dangal announced her decision of dissociating herself from films. This action led to celebrities to express their views on this subject. Some actors like Raveena Tandon slammed her for taking such a drastic step, while others like Tanushree Dutta and Dangal director Nitesh Tiwari extended their support.

Zaira Wasim took to social media to write a long post, saying that she had completed five years in the profession and that she was not truly happy with "this identity" and her "line of work."

Tanushree Dutta released a long statement, "I woke up this morning here in New Jersey with my phone buzzing with a request to give a quote on the Zaira Wasim issue. I wondered what the "issue" is as the journalist put it. A quick internet search revealed a post from Wasim herself what I consider the most beautiful, Grace-filled words drenched in spiritual wisdom from the Holy Quran. What a great way to start my day!

"As I read the full post I couldn't help but wonder if Zaira's true calling in life is in fact to be a young spiritual leader of some sort guiding young Muslim kids to the true knowledge of Allah and Quran?? I wondered if Bollywood was just an interim phase designed and placed by God in her way to simply be a stepping stone for something greater more fulfilling and profound of a life purpose?? I kept reading her post as there was a magnetism to it, A magnetism I'm much too familiar with: it's the magnetism of the word of God revealed through a human vessel that has the ability to bless the soul," read Tanushree's statement.

Tanushree also added, "In today's times' many young minds are getting corrupted through fanaticism and aggressive violent ideologies; Can Zaira be the voice of reason and show the world the true mystical and Gracefull wisdom of the Quran?? If she does she surely has one follower in me. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have this Kid start a youtube blog sharing her faith?? Clearly, her understanding and grasp on religion are far superior to what I have seen so far amongst seasoned clerics even, perhaps it's due to her youthful innocence and I pray it remains that way and she receives more grace and wisdom from the Almighty to share with others! And now for people who are criticizing her decision to quit Bollywood, I'll say: cut her some slack... she is only a teenager.

"Let her do what her heart calls her towards at this moment and who knows maybe someday if she finds something worth her time she may even do something in Bollywood again. But like the quote from her post "indeed the hearts find peace when it acquires the knowledge of its creator..." So if she has found her peace who are we to judge? One thing I must add if I may that I hope she continues to present herself as she is to be able to connect and resonate universally with youth and people of all ethnicities and backgrounds and whatever she decides to do with her life she has all the support from her wellwishers! Best wishes and loads of love, Tanushree signed off.

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