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  • EU could be flexible over movement: Tony Blair

    World | July 15, 2017 15:01 IST

    He said leaving the single market was a "damaging position" shared by Labour and he urged the party's leadership to champion a "radically distinct" position on Europe.

  • Rahul Gandhi not alone, these 7 leaders also faced

    Rahul Gandhi not alone, these 7 leaders also faced shoe-attacks

    India | September 26, 2016 17:32 IST

    A man identified as Hari Om Mishra was today held for hurling a shoe at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi during a road show in Uttar Pradesh's Sitapur. The shocking incident took place during Rahul Gandhi's

  • Tony Blair

    Britain's inquiry report slams Tony Blair over botched Iraq war

    World | July 06, 2016 18:35 IST

    London: In a report released today by the head of Britain's Iraq War inquiry, the Iraq war was said to be mounted on flawed intelligence, executed with "wholly inadequate" planning and ending "a long way

  • Subrata Roy

    Weeks before being jailed, Sahara chief wanted to go abroad!

    India | April 10, 2016 17:34 IST

    Weeks before being sent to jail by the Supreme Court, the embattled Sahara Group chief Subrata Roy wanted to go abroad for "business discussions" with Bill Clinton and Tony Blair

  • tony blair iraq war contributed to rise of islamic state

    Tony Blair: Iraq war contributed to rise of Islamic State

    World | October 25, 2015 16:10 IST

    London: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair says the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq was partly responsible for the emergence of the Islamic State militant group in the Middle East.Blair told CNN that "there are elements

  • cameron condemns briton s beheading by is as pure evil

    Cameron condemns Briton's beheading by IS as 'pure evil'

    World | September 14, 2014 16:25 IST

    London: The beheading of a British aid worker by the dreaded Islamic State (IS) terror group was described today by British Prime Minister David Cameron as an act of “pure evil” as he vowed to

  • know why british politicians don t wear wedding ring bands

    Know why British politicians don't wear wedding ring bands

    World | January 09, 2014 6:45 IST

    New Delhi: No British Prime Minister has worn a wedding ring since 1976.The last married male occupant of 10 Downing Street to wear a wedding ring in public was Harold Wilson, who was PM from

  • tony blair s daughter held at gunpoint in london robbery

    Tony Blair's daughter held at gunpoint in London robbery

    World | September 19, 2013 17:19 IST

    London: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's barrister daughter Kathryn escaped unhurt after being held at gunpoint by robbers on a central London street.The 29-year-old came face to face with two muggers as she and

  • blair was wrong in invading iraq says his spin doctor

    Blair was wrong in invading Iraq, says his spin doctor

    World | November 06, 2012 23:47 IST

    London, Nov 6: Former British prime minister Tony Blair committed a mistake by sending his country to war in Iraq, according to Lord Mandelson, a former Labour cabinet minister.Mandelson has been Labour party's former king

  • can nuke india in 8 seconds pak general had told british

    Can nuke India in 8 seconds, Pak general had told British official

    World | June 16, 2012 16:26 IST

    London, Jun 16: Pakistan could launch a nuclear strike on India within eight seconds, claimed an Army General in Islamabad in 2001, a warning that is described in the latest volume of diaries by a

  • received text messages of support from cameron and blair

    Received text messages of support from Cameron and Blair, says Rebekah Brooks

    World | May 11, 2012 17:49 IST

    London, May 11: Rebekah Brooks, former editor of News of the World, today claimed that top UK leaders, including Prime Minister David Cameron, commiserated with her when she was arrested last year in the phone-hacking

  • tony blair s wife sues notw over phone hacking

    Tony Blair's Wife Sues NOTW Over Phone Hacking

    World | February 23, 2012 12:44 IST

    London, Feb 23: The wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair is suing Rupert Murdoch's British newspaper company over phone hacking, her lawyer said Wednesday.Cherie Blair is suing "in relation to the unlawful interception of

  • tony blair says pakistan paying heavily for its mistakes in

    Tony Blair Says, Pakistan Paying Heavily For Its Mistakes In Seventies

    World | September 29, 2011 14:56 IST

    New Delhi,Sep 29: Pakistan is “paying heavily” for its mistakes in the 1970s when it started mixing religion with politics and promoted extremism, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said.“I think Pakistan is paying

  • blair says post 9/11 battle not over

    Blair Says Post-9/11 Battle Not Over

    World | September 10, 2011 10:34 IST

    London, Sept 10:  Tony Blair, the international statesman most closely tied to the response to the Sept. 11 attacks, believes the decade-long struggle to contain the threat from Islamic extremism is far from over, despite

  • tony blair is godfather to murdoch child

    Tony Blair Is Godfather To Murdoch Child

    World | September 05, 2011 21:49 IST

    London, Sep 5: Former prime minister. Middle East envoy. Now Tony Blair is also revealed as godfather to one of Rupert Murdoch's daughters. A person close to Blair confirmed Monday that the former British leader

  • tony blair s personal details stolen by hackers

    Tony Blair's Personal Details Stolen By Hackers

    World | June 26, 2011 19:58 IST

    London, June 25: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's personal details have been stolen by computer hackers, a media report said. Details of a file containing the Blair's National Insurance number and the addresses of friends,

  • why i became a muslim writes tony blair s sister in law

    Why I Became A Muslim, Writes Tony Blair's Sister-in-Law

    World | October 31, 2010 16:07 IST

    Former British prime minister Tony Blair's sister-in-law Lauren Booth writes why she loves Islam.  These are excerpts from Daily Mail, London: It is the most peculiar journey of my life. The carriage is warm and my

  • tauba tony blair s sister says she has converted to islam

    Tauba! Tony Blair's Sister Says, She Has Converted To Islam

    World | October 25, 2010 13:38 IST

    Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's sister-in-law Lauren Booth has converted to Islam, the Daily Mail, London reported.The former prime minister is also a religious convert – he became a Roman Catholic after leaving office

  • manmohan is wonderful pm writes blair

    Manmohan Is Wonderful PM, Writes Blair

    World | September 02, 2010 23:50 IST

    London : Former British premier Tony Blair describes Manmohan Singh as "the wonderful Indian prime minister" in his best-selling memoirs titled 'My Journey'.  Blair, who interacted with Singh on several occasions during his tenure as