• ro khanna gives tough fight to congressman honda

    Ro Khanna gives tough fight to Congressman Honda

    World | November 06, 2014 9:23 IST

    Washington: Running a high-voltage campaign and having earned the support of top Silicon Valley donors and corporate executives, young Indian-American Ro Khanna could be on the verge of creating history.In the Congressional elections held Tuesday,

  • michelle obama campaigns against ro khanna

    Michelle Obama campaigns against Ro Khanna

    World | October 31, 2014 13:04 IST

    Washington: First Lady Michelle Obama has batted for Congressman Mike Honda against fellow Democrat Indian-American Ro Khanna for a Silicon Valley seat to the US House of Representatives to which elections are due next week. 

  • what is google building out in san francisco bay

    What is Google building out in San Francisco Bay?

    November 05, 2013 22:51 IST

    New Delhi: San Francisco's mayor says he doesn't know what it is. Police say it's not their jurisdiction. And government inspectors are sworn to secrecy. Google is erecting a four-story structure in the heart of

  • steve jobs home named historical site

    Steve Jobs' home named historical site

    October 30, 2013 20:51 IST

    Los Altos, California: The Silicon Valley home where Apple co-founder Steve Jobs grew up and built some of his first computers is now on the city's list of historic properties.The historical commission in the city

  • silicon valley area hub becomes factory town

    Silicon Valley-area hub becomes factory town

    May 19, 2013 14:24 IST

    Fremont, May 19: In a busy factory, machinists move sheets of aluminum roll in the back door to be molded, stamped, twisted and notched into high-tech electric cars that sell for more than $60,000 each.Down

  • oxford university gets 116 million donation

    Oxford University gets $116 million donation

    World | July 11, 2012 21:48 IST

    London, Jul 11: Oxford University says a Silicon Valley venture capitalist has donated 75 million pounds ($116 million) to help poor students attend the prestigious institution.The money is a gift from Sequoia Capital president Michael

  • indians celebrate wc win across the world

    Indians Celebrate WC Win Across The World

    Cricket | April 03, 2011 18:58 IST

    Toronto/Washington/London, Apr 3: Indians across the world broke into a frenzied celebration after the World Cup Cricket win by the “Men in Blue” amid joyous scenes marked by nationalistic fervour in foreign land.Cars drove up