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HIGHLIGHTS India at Tokyo Olympics Day 14: Men's 4x400m relay out in qualifiers, Bajrang loses in semi-final

India at Tokyo Olympics August 6 Day 14 LIVE Updates: Follow live updates from all the Indian events on Day 14 of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

India TV Sports Desk India TV Sports Desk
New Delhi Updated on: August 06, 2021 19:47 IST
Bajrang Punia (in blue) in action against Ernazar
Image Source : AP

Bajrang Punia (in blue) in action against Ernazar Akmataliev pre-quarterfinals of 65kg freestyle wrestling in Tokyo on Sunday.

India at Tokyo Olympics Day 14 

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India's results on Day 14 so far:​​

  • Golf: Aditi Ashok retains 2nd spot after carding 68 in Round 3; Diksha Dagar improves to T-51.
  • Wrestling, Men's Freestyle 65kg: Bajrang Punia loses to Haji Aliyev 11-5 in the semi-final; will face Gadzhimurad Rashidov in the Bronze medal match.
  • Women's Hockey: India lose 3-4 to Great Britain in Bronze Medal match.
  • Wrestling, Women's Freestyle 50kg: Seema Bisla loses in the first round to Tunisia's Sarra Hamdi 1-3; out of repechage round as well.
  • Women's 20km Racewalking: Priyanka Goswami finishes 17th; Bhawana Jat is placed 32nd.
  • Athletics: India finish 4th in men's 4x400m relay Heat 2.


5:08 PM: India finished fourth in Heat 2 clocking 3:00.25 to beat the Asian record. Poland, Jamaica and Belgium take the top three spots to qualify 

5:07 PM: Men's 4x400m relay heats begin. Arokia Rajiv, Nirma Noah Tom, and Muhammed Anas and Jacob Amoj form the Indian team

3:12 PM: (Wrestling) Bajrang will now face Gadzhimurad Rashidov in Bronze medal match tomorrow.

3:08 PM: (Wrestling) Bajrang couldn't make it, loses 11-5 to Haji Aliyev in 65kg freestyle wrestling semi-final. The Indian not so happy with the Azerbaijan wrestler; claims his vest was pulled and asked for a review but it was overturned.

3:07 PM: (Wrestling) Bajrang takes another two points but gives away one as well, it's 9-5 now with 30 seconds to go.

3:06 PM: (Wrestling) Bajrang takes down Aliyev for two points! Score is 8-3 now.

3:05 PM: (Wrestling) Bajrang has a mountain to climb in the last two minutes with an imminent threat of technical knockout.

3:04 PM: (Wrestling) Both wrestlers are back on the mat after a 30-second break and Aliyev quickly takes down Bajrang for a takedown and then rolls him around for two further points to make it 8-1.

3:03 PM: (Wrestling) Another takedown move by Aliyev and he stretches lead to 4-1 at the halfway stage.

3:02 PM: (Wrestling) Bajrang takes his first point but Aliyev qucikly retaliates and takes down Bajrang for two points.

3:01 PM: (Wrestling) Aliyev is adjudged of passive wrestling and will have to pick a point in 30 seconds otherwise Bajrang gets his first point.

3:00 PM: (Wrestling) The semis bout has begun with both wrestlers vying for an opening.

2:58 PM: (Wrestling) Japan's world champion Otoguro defeats Gadzhimurad Rashidov 3-2 to reach 65kg freestyle final; he awaits the winner among Bajrang and Aliyev in the second semis.

2:51 PM: (Wrestling) At the moment, the first semi-final between Gadzhimurad Rashidov and Takuto Otoguro, both are wrestling giants in their own right.

2:46 PM: (Wrestling) In the biggest action of the afternoon, Bajrang Punia is soon to face Azerbaijan's Haji Aliyev in 65kg freestyle wrestling semi-final.

2:40 PM: (Athletics) Priyanka Goswami finishes 17th with a timing of 1:32:36 while Bhawana Jat is placed 32nd with timing of 1:37:38.

2:28 PM: (Athletics) Priyanka drops to 17th place with less than 2kms to go. Bhawana holds the 33rd spot.

2:14 PM: (Athletics) Bhawana is overlapped by the leader Palmisano and second-placed Yang Jiayu.

2:11 PM: (Athletics) National champion Priyanka is facing the brunt of the high competitive level as she drops to 15th with 6kms to go. Bhawana improves to 32.

1:58 PM: (Athletics) After 12 km, Priyanka drops to 10th and is just behind the leading pack of eight walkers. Bhawana holds her 33rd spot.

1:52 PM: (Athletics) Priyanka's performance has been really commendable today as she is still part of the leading pack.

1:50 PM: (Athletics) It's worth mentioning that this has been a learning curve for the likes of Priyanka and Bhawana as this has been the first major tournament for all the Indian racewalkers leading to the Olympics. The current crop of racewalkers bloomed to recognition at the last two National Racewalking Championships in Ranchi and their foreign training and preparatory European events were marred with the COVID-19 pandemic. They trained for most of the periods during the lockdown at SAI Bengaluru, which again had to follow stringent restrictions amid the outbreak.

1:46 PM: (Athletics) Priyanka Goswami drops to the 9th spot at the halfway stage with Italy's Antonella Palmisano grabbing the top spot. Bhawana drops to 35th.

1:37 PM: (Athletics) With 8kms done, Priyanka times 36:49 minutes to take spot among the leading pack, Bhawana at 33rd spot with a timing of 37:39.

1:35 PM: (Athletics) With close to 8kms done, Priyanka remains with the leading pack at the third spot while Bhawana trails at the back at 33rd spot.

1:17 PM: (Athletics) Priyanka Goswami now catches up with the leading pack and is among the top 5.

1:13 PM: (Athletics) Bhawana Jat and Priyanka Goswami are in action in the ongoing 20km racewalk. Priyanka is at 14th while Bhawana is down at 27th spot.

10:56 AM: (Golf) Weather can assist Aditi Ashok's chances of winning India's maiden medal at the Olympics as a tropical storm is predicted on Saturday. In its guidelines, local organisers have notified that they intend to play all the 72-holes (over four rounds) and a reserve day has also been kept on Sunday. However, the storm is forecast through Sunday meant the officials are keeping the option of playing a 54-hole tournament instead.

This effectively means if Aditi finishes with the current score of 201 over 54 holes, she will win India's first medal in golf.

10:47 AM: (Golf) Aditi Ashok continues her strong run in women's individual golf as she cards 68 on Day 3 to hold the second spot behind USA's Nelly Korda. At the end of round 3, Aditi is just three strokes behind Korda, who is at -15 to Par.

09:54 AM: (Wrestling) Bajrang will now face Azerbaijan's Haji Aliyev in 65kg freestyle wrestling semi-final tentatively at 2:50 PM.

09:49 AM: (Wrestling) What a dramatic turnaround! Bajrang Punia makes a champion move to clinch two points at the death to clinch the match! Bajrang wins 2-1 by fall!

09:48 AM: (Wrestling) Now Ghiasi with a single-leg hold and Bajrang took some time to deal to break it and move into a counter-attacking move.

09:48 AM: (Wrestling) Bajrang gets a single-leg hold but well defended by Ghiasi.

09:47 AM: (Wrestling) The hooter sounds! The first period ends, Bajrang has 30 seconds to come out with a new strategy and find the winning points against Ghiasi. Any point earn could pretty much decide the tie.

09:44 AM: (Wrestling) Bajrang concedes a point after adjudged of passive wrestling; He couldn't pick a point in the 30 seconds provided to Bajrang. The Indian wrestler is trying to deal with the aggressive moves of Ghiasi.

09:42 AM: (Wrestling) Bajrang Punia is out on the bout to compete with Iran's Morteza.

09:40 AM: (Golf) Aditi Ashok goes T-2nd with a birdie at Hole 15. With three holes left, Aditi will look to consolidate further. Diksha Dagar is tied 51st at +7 to Par.

09:31 AM: (Wrestling) Update on Bajrang Punia bout, the Indian wrestler will take on  Morteza Ghiasi at 9:35 AM.

09:13 AM: (Golf) Aditi Ashok is down to Tied-3rd after two boggies -- one at the front and one at the back -- at -10 to Par. USA's Nelly Korda remains in lead at -15 to Par. Diksha Dagar holds 52nd spot.

09:09 AM: (Wrestling) Don't go anywhere, folks! Bajrang Punia will be in action again in 10 minutes time against Iran's Iran's Morteza Ghiasi in the quarter-final of men's 65kg freestyle wrestling.

09:06 AM: (Wrestling) Time's up! Scores are tied 3-3 but Bajrang is declared the winner by the virtue of points.

09:05 AM: (Wrestling) Bajrang's defensive tactics are backfiring as Akmataliev pushes him out to make it 3-3.

09:05 AM: (Wrestling) Akmataliev takes another point to make it 2-3.

09:04 AM: (Wrestling)  After a long tussle, Bajrang finally catches Akmataliev's leg and looks for a point move but the Kazakh was up with his A-game to thwart the move.

09:00 AM: (Wrestling) Bajrang takes two points right at the end! Bajrang leads 3-1 at the halfway stage.

08:59 AM: (Wrestling) Akmataliev pushes Bajrang out of the passivity zone for a point. It's 1-1.

08:59 AM: (Wrestling) Bajrang takes the first point! Bajrang has been very strong with his footwork and defence so far.

08:58 AM: (Wrestling) Bajrang has begin his tough bout against Akmataliev in pre-quarters. Both the wrestlers are fighting for an opening and Akmataliev has been called for passive. Bajrang may earn his first point in 30 seconds time. 

08:54 AM: (Wrestling) Iran's Morteza Ghiasi defeats Tunisia's Haithem Dakhloui 5-1, If Bajrang wins, he will face the Iranian next.

08:51 AM: (Wrestling) STAY TUNED FOLKS! Bajrang Punia will be in action anytime soon as he takes on Kazakh wrestler Ernazar Akmataliev in the opening round of men's freestyle 65kg wrestling.

08:48 AM: (Hockey) Rani Rampal and Savita Punia are in tears at the final whistle. This side has exceeded all expectations to reach this far. At the beginning of the tournament, nobody gave them a spot beyond the quarter-finals but they reached all the way to the semi-finals and the Bronze medal match and were leading 3-2 at one stage. All praises to the India women's team for punching above their weight and fighting till the last moment.

08:44 AM: (Hockey) It's FULL TIME! India lose 3-4 to Great Britain in the women's hockey Bronze medal match.

08:43 AM: (Hockey) VAR overturn India's request and GBR quickly go into a counter.

08:40 AM: (Hockey) Less than two minutes to go, India ask for a video referral for dangerous play, if successful, India will earn a penalty corner.

08:40 AM: (Hockey) A telling cross by Navnit inside the box but Vandana couldn't reach the ball on time.

08:38 AM: (Hockey) With less than six minutes to go, India in search of that all-important equaliser but it's GBR in the hold of the game at the moment.

08:34 AM: (Hockey) Salima Tete starts an attack with a lot of intensity in the hope to penetrate the GBR circle but nothing doing at the moment. The referee calls for a Rehydration break.

08:33 AM: (Hockey) India earn a penalty corner, which was challenged by GBR, but VAR rules it India's favour. Britain have no referral left.

08:30 AM: (Hockey) Sharmila Devi is shown a green card (2 mins suspension) right when Udita's 5-min suspension ended. India continue to play with 10 players.

08:27 AM: (Hockey) GBR take the lead after winning the third penalty corner on the trot. Grace Baldson with what could be the Bronze medal-winning goal. However, with more than 12 minutes to go and Udita to join in soon, be hopeful.

08:24 AM: (Hockey) GBR are really stretching the Indian defence as they earn two consecutive penalty corners.

08:22 AM: (Hockey) Esha shows courageous defending as she runs straight into the line of the ball to block the penalty corner.

08:21 AM: (Hockey) Great Britain's earn a penalty corner after Udita's foul inside the circle and also sees a yellow card for the ball, she will be out of the match for the next five minutes. Could be a decisive factor in the match.

08:19 AM: (Hockey) Third quarter ends with India gaining momentum through a penalty corner. With scores tied 3-3 will India women script history like Manpreet Singh and Co. the other day in the next 15 minutes or are we heading into penalty shootout?

08:16 AM: (Wrestling) Seema Bisla loses opening round bout of 50kg Freestyle to Tunisia's Sarra Hamdi 1-3.

08:13 AM: (Hockey) Less than two minutes to go in the third quarter and India earn a long corner.

08:12 AM: (Hockey) Savita Punia with a spectacular save! GBR build a patient attack after long exchange of passes until they found space inside India circle and Rayner wasted no time to take a shot at the goal but Savita was alert.

08:09 AM: (Hockey) India appear to break the British momentum with slow possession of the game and passes at close quarters but Britain's pressing remains rigorous as soon as Indians enter their half.

08:05 AM: (Hockey) Great Britain look supercharged in attack now as they are weaving attack after another attack into India's circle.

08:02 AM: (Hockey) The goal stands. Elena Rayer finds the equalising goal from open play.

08:00 AM: (Hockey) Great Britain equalises! But umpire has called for video referral. It's going to be a nerve-wrecking wait for the Indians.

07:57 AM: (Hockey) Monika with a goal-line save of the PC! India maintain 3-2 lead for now.

07:57 AM: (Hockey) India concede an early penalty corner in the third quarter.

07:56 AM: (Hockey) The third quarter begins and Great Britain enjoy early possession.

07:52 AM: (Golf) Meanwhile Aditi Ashok holds to her second spot with double birdies. She is now just three strokes away from Nelly Korda (-15) at -12 to Par.

07:48 AM: (Hockey) The second quarter ends! It's Half Time. What a breathtaking 15 minutes of the game it was. After the first quarter ended 0-0, the second quarter saw as many as five goals. GBR scored twice in five minutes to make it 2-0 but Gurjit Kaur then swung the momentum in India's favour with two back-to-back penalty corner goals. And just when we thought it can't get any crazier, Vandana Katariya scored from open play to make it 3-21. Don't go anywhere folks, this match is set to be another classic.

07:43 AM: (Hockey) 'No reason to change the decision,' says the video referee! Vandana's goal stands! India leads 3-2!

07:41 AM: (Hockey) Vandana Katariya scores! No wait, Great Britain have asked for a video referral. We have to wait for video referee decision.

07:39 AM: (Hockey) Sharmila Devi almost made it 3-2! It was a brilliant attack by the forward but couldn't put it in.

07:38 AM: (Hockey) Incredible comeback by India! Gurjit Kaur scores two PCs out of two to level the scoreline!

07:36 AM: (Hockey)  GOAALLL! Gurjit Kaur brings India back in the game with a goal from the penalty corner.

07:32 AM: (Hockey) Sarah Robertson hits it hard and fast to double Great Britain's lead. Less than six minutes left in the second quarter.

07:30 AM: (Hockey) Remember this is the same Great Britain team that defeated India 3-0 in the pool stages. However, unlike that defeat, India made more forays into GBR's circle.

07:26 AM: (Hockey) Lalremsiami comes close! That was a great chance created by the Indian forward for a goal-bound shot but the British goalkeeper Hinch showed surreal reflection to stop the goal.

07:25 AM: (Hockey) Sarah Jones almost doubled the lead three minutes later! Thanks to the deflection by the Indian defence that stopped an imminent goal.

07:20 AM: (Hockey) Great Britain scores! India trail 0-1 right at the beginning of the second quarter. Sarah Jones gets better of India defence from the right flank to put GBs forward.

07:18 AM: (Hockey) First-quarter ends! India's last line of defence Savita Punia keeps India in the fight for the Bronze medal match against Great Britain.

07:13 AM: (Hockey) Savita makes double save after another attack by GBs. Must say, the Indian defence seemed extra cautious there in attempt to ignore a foul.

07:12 AM: (Hockey) Great Britain look threatening in attack now with two consecutive attacks come from the right flank, Savita Punia ensured, GBs take no advantage.

07:08 AM: (Golf) Meanwhile Aditi Ashok is tied-2nd again after Japan's Mone Inami hits double birdies to match Aditi's -10 To Par. Diksha Dagar remains T-52.

07:07 AM: (Hockey) India are enjoying more possession in Great Britain's half now but they looked focussed in defence with their discipline in formation; no space for India to move into the circle yet.

07:03 AM: (Hockey) Savita Punia rushed out of the goal to make that important save. India now propel into an attack.

07:02 AM: (Hockey) Great Britain (wearing all red) have won their first penalty corner as early as 2nd minute of the match.

07:00 AM: (Hockey) Great Britain vs India women's hockey Bronze medal match is underway. India is playing from right to left in the first quarter.

06:42 AM: (Golf) Aditi with her first birdie of the day goes sole second with -10 to Par. A nice smile on Aditi's face. She is now four strokes behind leading Korda.

06:41 AM: (Golf) Aditi at -9 To Par is still behind USA's Nelly Korda, who enjoys a five-stroke advantage over Denmark's Emily Pedersen and Aditi on T-2.

06:36 AM: (Golf) With another Par 4 in hole 3, Aditi moves back to T-2.

06:31 AM: (Golf) With two Par beginnings in the four-stroke hole 1 and 2, Aditi drops to tied-3rd. Diksha Dagar has improved to T-52.

06:18 AM: (Wrestling) Medal hopes will also be strong from Bajrang Punia as the 2018 World Championship silver medallist takes on Kazakhstan's Ernazar Akmataliev in opening round of a tough draw of men's 65kg category. Bajrang's bout starts at 8:49 AM.

06:18 AM: (Hockey) The main attraction of the day remains the women's hockey Bronze medal match India vs Germany, set to begin from 7:00 AM IST.

06:16 AM: (Golf) Aditi Ashok has resumed action in Round 3  of women's individual golf after finishing Tied-2nd at the end of Round 2 on Thursday. Dikhsa Dagar will also be in action from 53rd place.

06:10 AM: (Athletics) 50km racewalk results are out! Gurpreet Singh, India's lone participant, didn't finish the race as he dropped out after 35km due to a cramp, said Sports Authority of India in its tweet. Poland's Dawid Tamalo clinched the gold medal, followed by Germany's Jonathon Hilbert and Candada's Evan Dunfee claiming silver and bronze medal respectively.


02:00 AM: Gurpreet Singh is India's only representative in the 50km race walk! The 37-year-old had clocked 3:59:42 at the national championships earlier this year. Priyanka Goswami and Bhawna Jat will also be in action at 1:00 PM IST in the women's 20km race walk event.

1:55 AM: Hello and welcome to the Live coverage of day 13 of India's action at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Another action-filled day awaits the Indian contingent in the Japanese capital. The Indian women's hockey team and Bajrang Punia will be in focus as the nation's contingent looks to add a few more medals in the bag. 

India had a magnificent Thursday as the men's hockey team and Ravi Dahiya added two medals to India's tally at the quadrennial showpiece event. Manpreet Singh's men clinched a historic bronze medal at the Tokyo showpiece, ending the nation's 41-year of wait for a podium finish at the Games. Dahiya became only the second Indian wrestler to win a silver medal at the Olympic Games after he lost the men's freestyle 57kg title clash 4-7 to reigning world champion Zavur Uguev. 

On Friday, the Indian women's hockey team will take on Great Britain in the bronze medal match. Bajrang Punia (65kg) will start his campaign against Ernazar Akmataliev of Kyrgyzstan and Seema Bisla will contest in repechage round of women's freestyle 50kg. Golfers Aditi Ashok and Diksha Dagar will also be in action in women's individual stroke play round 3. Gurpreet Singh will open India's day with the men's 50km race walk final. He is the lone Indian in the event. Here's all you can expect from the Indian contingent on Friday, August 6.

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