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Saleh Pin Code

India has 29 states with at least 720 districts comprising of approximately 6 lakh villages, and over 8200 cities and towns. Indian postal department has allotted a unique postal code of pin code to each district/village/town/city to ensure quick delivery of postal services.

A Postal Index Number or PIN or PIN code is a code in the post office numbering or post code system used by India Post, the Indian postal administration. The code is six digits long.

The first three digits of the PIN represent a specific geographical region called a sorting district that is headquartered at the main post office of the largest city and is known as the sorting office. A state may have one or more sorting districts depending on the volumes of mail handled. The fourth digit represents the route on which a delivery office is located in the sorting district. The last two digits represent the delivery office within the sorting district starting from 01 which would be the GPO or HO.

Saleh Pin Code is 473101. Pin Code is also known as Zip Code or Postal Code. Saleh is located in district Guna, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA.

CircleMadhya Pradesh
Telephone No.NA
Office TypeB.O
Delivery StatusDelivery
Related Sub OfficeAroun S.O
Related Head OfficeGuna H.O

Saleh Near By Pin Code List

ArounGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473101
AshoknagarAshoknagarGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473331
AwanRaghogarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473226
BabrikhedaBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
Badi UkawadMaksudangarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473287
BajranggarhGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473249
BamoriBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
BanehBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
Bapcha LahriyaChacaudaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473115
Barkheda GirdGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473249
Barkheda KhurdChacaudaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473115
Barkhrda HatArounGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473101
BarodKumbhrajGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473222
BarsatMaksudangarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473287
BataodaKumbhrajGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473222
BhadorArounGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473101
BhadoraGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473113
BhamawadRaghogarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473111
BinaganjChachodaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473115
BishanwadaBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
ChachaudaChachaudaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473118
Dehri KalaArounGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473101
DhamnarGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473113
DharnawdaRaghogarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473110
Dongar MotipurMaksudangarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473287
Dongar VijaypurRaghogarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473111
DoranaRaghogarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473110
FatehgarhBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
GaduliMungaoliGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473443
Gail ComplexRaghogarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473112
GaoriMaksudangarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473287
GarhaBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
GehunkhedaGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473249
GhatavdaArounGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473101
Guna BazarGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473001
Guna CanttGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473001
Guna CityGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473001
Guna CollectorateGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473001
GunaGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473001
GunheruMungaoliGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473443
HamirpurBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
HaripurGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473001
HinotiaGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473113
JamnerMaksudangarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473287
JangruMaksudangarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473287
JhagarBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
JhajhonArounGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473101
JohriBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
KapasiBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
KhamkhedaArounGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473101
KhejraGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473001
KheraiRaghogarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473226
Khiriya DangiArounGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473101
KhutiyawadGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473113
Konya KalaChacaudaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473115
KotraChacaudaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473115
KumbhrajKumbhrajGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473222
KushepurBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
LakhanwasChacaudaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473115
MagranaGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473113
MagrodaBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
MaksudangarhMaksudangarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473287
MarkimahuBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
MasidpurArounGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473101
MawanGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473001
MrigwasKumbhrajGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473222
Mudra KhurdGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473101
Mudra MataArounGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473101
MuradpurRaghogarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473110
MurelaChacaudaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473115
MyanaGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473113
N.F.L.VijaipurRaghogarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473111
NasirpurMaksudangarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473287
NehgawaGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473113
PadonBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
PagaraGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473001
Panwari HatArounGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473101
ParanthBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
ParkanaMaksudangarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473287
ParwahBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
PatondiChacaudaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473115
PenchiChacaudaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473115
RaghogarhRaghogarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473226
RamdiChacaudaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473115
Ramgir KalaArounGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473101
RamnagarBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
RamnagarRaghogarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473226
RampurBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
RampurArounGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473101
RampurcolonyBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
Rani KhejraChacaudaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473115
Raosar JagirGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473885
RuthiyaiRaghogarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473110
SalehArounGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473101
SanaiKumbhrajGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473222
SatanpurGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473249
SehrogArounGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473101
ShahpurMaksudangarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473287
SirsiBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
SonkharaBamoriGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473105
TeligaonChacaudaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473115
TodraMaksudangarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473287
ToraiMaksudangarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473287
UkawadGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473113
UmarthanaChacaudaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473118
UmriGunaGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473113
VijaypurRaghogarhGunaMADHYA PRADESH 473111
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