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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's 5 siblings just found out they are related to the Hollywood star

DNA testing has revealed that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has five new siblings. Three men and two women have been found to be The Rock's father, late wrestler Rocky Johnson's kids.

Devasheesh Pandey Written By: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Updated on: July 02, 2022 22:23 IST
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The Rock is half-brother to 5 strangers

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson just learned that he has five more siblings who are related to him. The Rock has three brothers and two sisters who share the same DNA as the Hollywood star. DNA results have confirmed The Rock has five new siblings and they are complete strangers. Moreover, it has been found out that The Rock's late father Rocky Johnson is the father of his five siblings. 

Shocking revelations made about The Rock's father 

Rocky Johnson, The Rock's father, died in 2020. He had two children named Curtis and Wanda with his first wife Una Sparks. He then married Ata Maivia, who gave birth to The Rock in May 1972. It was revealed by Sports Illustrated that Rocky had a number of children outside of his marriages.

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DNA testing found out The Rock's new siblings 

DNA testing has revealed that three men and two women are related to The Rock by blood. Complete strangers Lisa Purves, Paula Parsons, Trevor Edwards, Adrian Bowles and Aaron Fowler were all proven through DNA testing to be children of Rocky Johnson, who was also a wrestler. With this new revelation, the five people will have The Rock as their half-brother. The five half-siblings found each other online, despite none of them ever having a relationship with their father, who died in 2020.

New documentary on The Rock's siblings 

Meanwhile, a new documentary is also in the making that will showcase the new faces in the family of Rocky Johnson and will track their journey to finding each other. The documentary has been titled Finding Rocky's Family. The caption of this post on social media read, "People used to tell Trevor and Aaron, two total strangers, that they resembled a world-famous wrestler. Through family stories and Facebook sleuthing and DNA they found their father, Rocky Johnson—and they found new family, too (sic)."

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