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Elon Musk left embarrassed after Tesla Truck's shatterproof glass cracks at launch

The shatterproof glass of Tesla's electric car cracked during the test at the launch event.

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New Delhi Updated on: November 22, 2019 16:56 IST
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Tesla Truck's 'shatterproof' glass cracked the launch event

The launch event of Tesla's much-awaited first electric pickup truck didn't quite go according to the plans. At the Los Angeles launch event, Elon Musk unveiled Tesla's Cybertruck that comes equipped with shatterproof glass. After unveiling and listing the specifications of the truck, Elon Musk invited lead designer Franz von Holzhausen on stage to test the shatterproof glass. Franz von Holzhausen threw a heavy metal ball on the driver's side glass window to demonstrate the strength of the glass.

However, the gig backfired and the duo was left embarrassed on stage after the window glass cracked. 

Musk could not hide his reaction and exclaimed "Oh my f*****g God. "Maybe that was a little too hard."

Musk again asked Franz von Holzhausen to check the window on the passenger side and it too cracked. According to Tech Crunch, he later addressed the audience and said that in earlier tests, the window did not break. "We threw wrenches, we threw everything," he said. "We even literally threw a kitchen sink at the glass, and it didn't break. For a little weird reason it broke now, I don't know why.

"We'll fix it in post," he added.

Tesla Cybertruck is partly influenced by the Lotus Esprit sportscar from the James Bond movie 'The Spy Who Loved Me'. The truck will come with a starting price of $ 39,900 and has a range of 500 miles. The production of Tesla's Cybertruck is expected to begin in late 2021.

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