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  • 6 killed, 17 wounded in three bombings in Iraq

    6 killed, 17 wounded in three bombings in Iraq

    World | November 27, 2019 7:09 IST

    "The latest reports said that a total of six people were killed and 17 others wounded in the three bomb explosions in the evening in Baghdad," the official said on the condition of anonymity.

  • iraq at least 14 killed in suicide car bomb attack

    Iraq: At least 14 killed in suicide car bomb attack

    World | June 07, 2015 7:53 IST

    Baquba:  At least 14 people were killed and 18 injured late on Saturday in a suicide car bomb attack at a market in Iraq's Balad Ruz town in Diyala province.Amer al-Kilani, a member of the

  • attacks kills 19 people in iraq

    Attacks kills 19 people in Iraq

    World | February 22, 2015 23:59 IST

    Baghdad: Multiple bombings, including a suicide truck bomb attack on Shiite militiamen, killed 19 people today in Iraq, as police found four bodies with gunshots wounds in the capital, officials said.  Police officials said the

  • christmas day bombings kill dozens in iraq

    Christmas Day Bombings Kill Dozens In Iraq

    World | December 26, 2013 7:19 IST

    Baghdad: Militants in Iraq targeted Christians in three separate Christmas Day bombings in Baghdad, killing at least 37 people, officials said Wednesday.In one attack, a car bomb went off near a church in the capital's

  • bombings kill 39 in and around iraqi capital

    Bombings kill 39 in and around Iraqi capital

    World | December 08, 2013 21:34 IST

    Baghdad: At least 11 explosions tore through predominantly Shiite areas in and around the Iraqi capital today, killing at least 39 people at crowded market places, commercial districts and car repair shops, officials said.  The

  • 39 killed 51 wounded in iraq bombings

    39 killed, 51 wounded in Iraq bombings

    World | October 21, 2013 6:31 IST

    Baghdad: At least 39 people were killed and 51 wounded in three bombing attacks in the Iraqi capital city Sunday, police said.The deadliest attack occurred when a suicide bomber detonated his vest of explosives in

  • 24 killed 90 injured in iraq bombings

    24 killed, 90 injured in Iraq bombings

    World | October 18, 2013 8:05 IST

    Baghdad : At least 24 people were killed and about 90 wounded in separate incidents of violence in Iraq Thursday.According to police, separate car bombing incidents left at least nine people killed and 29 injured

  • iraq bombings house raid kill at least 80 people

    Iraq bombings, house raid kill at least 80 people

    World | August 29, 2013 6:38 IST

    Baghdad: Car bomb blasts and other explosions tore through mainly Shiite districts around Baghdad during morning rush hour yesterday in a day of violence that killed at least 80, intensifying worries about Iraq's ability to

  • over 60 killed as blasts rip through iraq

    Over 60 killed as blasts rip through Iraq

    World | August 11, 2013 19:12 IST

    Baghdad, Aug 11: Car bombs ripped through Baghdad cafes and markets while blasts and shootings struck elsewhere killing 61 people as Iraq marked the end of its deadliest Ramadan holy month in years.The attacks late

  • random shooting bombings kill 15 across iraq

    Random shooting, bombings kill 15 across Iraq

    World | August 05, 2013 9:24 IST

    Baghdad, Aug 5: A series of attacks across Iraq on Sunday killed 15 people, including a random shooting and the killing of a judge, authorities said.Violence has been on the rise in Iraq all year,

  • 63 killed in iraq bombings

    63 killed in Iraq bombings

    World | July 30, 2013 7:00 IST

    Baghdad, July 30: A wave of violence, including 17 car bombings in different parts of Iraq Monday killed at least 63 people while leaving 224 injured.The violence made the UN envoy to Iraq to give

  • iraq wave of evening bombings kills at least 28

    Iraq: Wave of evening bombings kills at least 28

    World | July 15, 2013 7:05 IST

    Baghdad, Jul 15: A wave of explosions tore through overwhelmingly Shiite cities south of Baghdad shortly before the Muslim faithful broke their Ramadan fasts yesterday, killing at least 28, according to officials, part of a

  • 24 killed in attacks on shiites in iraq

    24 killed in attacks on Shiites in Iraq

    World | July 12, 2013 17:25 IST

    Baghdad, July 12: The attacks raised to 40 the death toll from a series of attacks on Thursday.Attacks against Shiites in Iraq killed 24 people and injured 49 others, in the latest attempt by insurgents

  • 18 killed in iraq bombings

    18 killed in Iraq bombings

    World | March 30, 2013 7:28 IST

    Baghdad, March 30: At least 18 people were killed and over 100 injured in five car bombing incidents in Iraq Friday, Xinhua reported.The bombings targetted Shiite mosques in Baghdad and Kirkuk city, an interior ministry

  • three killed 15 injured in iraq bombing

    Three killed, 15 injured in Iraq bombing

    World | November 05, 2012 23:48 IST

    Baghdad, Nov 5: At least three people were killed and 15 others wounded in two car bomb explosions in and near Iraqi capital city of Baghdad Monday, Xinhua reported.One of the attacks occurred in Baghdad's

  • wave of bombings across iraqi capital kills 69

    Wave Of Bombings Across Iraqi Capital Kills 69

    World | December 23, 2011 8:08 IST

    Baghdad, Dec 23 : A wave of 16 bombings ripped across Baghdad on Thursday , killing at least 69 people in the worst violence in Iraq for months.The apparently coordinated attacks struck days after the