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Elista 43-inch 4K Smart LED TV: Great performer under Rs 30,000

Here is a detailed hands-on review for Elista 43-inch 4K Smart LED TV. We reviewed it for a month and here is everything you must know before making your purchase.

Saumya Nigam Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Updated on: October 05, 2022 12:31 IST
Elista 43-inch 4K Smart LED TV
Image Source : INDIA TV Elista 43-inch 4K Smart LED TV

Elista, a domestic electronics and home appliances brand has entered the smart television segment. Recently, the company launched its Smart LED television with 10-Bit 4K displays, in five size variants- 43-inches, 50-inches, 55-inches, 65-inches and 75-inches. 

We reviewed the 43-inch Smart LED TV from Elista for a month and here is our hands-on review. Just to ease your concern, we have made this review in 10-pointer format to make you understand the product in a smarter and shorter way. 

India Tv - Elista 43-inch 4K Smart LED TV

Image Source : INDIA TVElista 43-inch 4K Smart LED TV


The new LED smart TV from Elista comes with a full HD display with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. The TV comes with 3  HDMI ports, and it runs on WebOS. With a refresh rate of 50/60 Hz, the smart TV comes with a remote, base stand, battery, wall mount for hanging the TV on your wall, and a user manual to understand the device better. The smart LED TV comes with a Bezel-less design, ThinQ AI, Magic Remote and Dolby Audio. The device comes with 1.5GB RAM and 8GB storage space.

Firstly let us understand the WebOS:

What is WebOS? 

LG-owned WebOS is a Linux-based smart TV operating system. The OS enables you to have control and access to your smart TVs in a more advanced format. You could connect with the devices through a graphical user interface (GUI)- which is a graphics-based OS interface which uses icons, a menu and a mouse for managing interaction with the system. 


Hands-on Experience

Looks: First thing which I liked about the television is its looks- it comes with a sleek and handy body along with thin bezels. Certainly, a decent and smart-looking TV which will look perfect in the living room or in the bedroom. The size which I reviewed was perfect for a mid-size hall or a master bedroom.

Display: Another thing which I love about this TV is the bring and vibrant colour delivery. I watched cartoon movies, series, and even India vs Pakistan match the other day, and the colours were bright and kind. Personally a heads-up to the television for the delivery of true colour and depth with the HD quality display. 

Buyers are suggested to have fast and supportive internet and OTT plans where they could enjoy the full 4K quality visuals and viewing experience. 

Elista 43-inch 4K Smart LED TV - India Tv
Elista 43-inch 4K Smart LED TV
Elista 43-inch 4K Smart LED TV - India Tv
Elista 43-inch 4K Smart LED TV

Sound: As I mentioned above about watching the cricket match the other day (India vs Pakistan) with my friends in the hall of my 4BHK apartment. I must mention that the sound was incredibly clear and it acted like a cherry on top, as I was all set to connect my Elista Tower speakers, but was not needed. The quality was appreciable, and even at the loudest volume, the sound did not break or lose its quality. The smart TV comes with Dolby audio and offers basic connectivity options

Remote: The smart TV has a remote which connects well with the TV within the distance of 5-8 meter range which I have used it. It is responsive and could be understood easily. Also, when at distance, there is a light which will be spotted on the television when you face the remote towards it- by this, you could spot the things you like or you can point out the activity accordingly. Also, the Elista remote further comes with a dedicated hotkey for Netflix and Prime videos.

Remote - India Tv
Elista 43-inch 4K Smart LED TV Remote
Remote - India Tv
Elista 43-inch 4K Smart LED TV Remote

Smartphone Control Feature: This smart TV has not let me down at all. If you are unable to reach your Smart TV remote then you can certainly pair it with your handset- Android and iOS both are compatible. All you have to do is to download the ThinQ AI app on your handset and pair your Smart TV, and you can use all the features which you were using on your smart remote. It works lag-free, all you have to do is to be under the same WiFi network. 

Voice Command: If Alexa is your friend then this TV will certainly be your buddy as it comes with built-in Alexa which will help you stream your favourite entertainment from any OTT platform to which you have subscribed with. You can just let Alexa know what you want, and she will help you- just like Ok Google and Hey Siri.

India Tv - Elista 43-inch 4K Smart LED TV

Image Source : INDIA TVElista 43-inch 4K Smart LED TV

Gaming: If you are a gaming enthusiast then this will be an ideal Smart TV which will give you a great visual experience. Just one thing which I felt during my gaming was that the 43-inches display seem to be a little small. I believe it would have been great if I played on a 50-55 inches display (this is my personal choice though!) But the delivery of graphics was appreciable.

Price and availability: Elista 43-inch 4K Smart LED TV is available at major electronic outlays of the country at a market price of Rs 29,500 (at the time of writing). As per my experience, the 4K Smart TV has a decent price tag and could be a good choice if you are looking for a quality device for your home. 


Overall, Elista Smart 4K LED TV is a decent bid with great sound delivery and vibrant display in this budget of under Rs 30,000. But certainly, the company will be facing some tough competition at times from the brands like Xioami’s Mi Smart TV and OnePlus Smart TVs, which have been standing tall in the Indian market within a budget of under 15K- considering the quality, display and size point, but when we talk about the WebOS, Elista steals the show- as it delivers great 4K viewing experience to the users, at this budget. 


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