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Twitter to launch Twitter Circle, enabling users to share tweets with selected people

Twitter has mentioned working on the new feature which will help the user to share tweets privately with only 150 people at max. 

India TV Tech Desk Reported by: India TV Tech Desk Noida Published on: May 04, 2022 14:25 IST
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Twitter to introduce Twitter Circle to share tweets with selected people only

Twitter has been reportedly working on testing a 'Close Friends'-like feature, which is there on Instagram. The new feature might be called Twitter Circle which will enable the user to select up to 150 people. Only the selected people can see the tweet which is been shared by the account holder. 

The microblogging site has stated that the new feature is in the early stages and because of it, only fewer users have the access to it. A while after, the company will roll out the new feature for the masses.

As per Twitter's support page on the platform, it is mentioned- "Some Tweets are for everyone and others are just for people you have picked.", which certainly rings the bell for the new feature being touted by the company

The support page further mentioned- "We are now testing Twitter Circle, which lets you add up to 150 people who can see your Tweets when you want to share with a smaller crowd," it added.

In the Twitter Circle segment, users can add only 150 people who will only be able to see and reply to shared tweets. Users can further edit their Twitter Circle feature and to note, people who will be removed from the Circle will not get any notification for the same, so it is certainly a safe option for many users.

Certainly Twitter is giving more control to the user over the content viewing, and choosing who would like to see their tweets and those who can engage with their tweets.