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Negative TikTok comments removed from Google Play Store as Google tries to help

TikTok is both famous and infamous in India for a while now in India. Read on to know more about it

India TV Tech Desk Written by: India TV Tech Desk New Delhi Updated on: May 27, 2020 14:59 IST
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TikTok app ratings on App Store is 3.4

TikTok is making headlines and not for the right reasons. The popular short video-sharing app recently faced a lot of trouble in India, following which it's Google Play Store rating went down along with tons of negative reviews. However, Google came to its rescue and deleted millions of bad reviews from the Play Store post the fiasco. Read on to know more about this.

Google reviews bad TikTok reviews

Google recently removed millions of bad TikTok reviews from the Google Play Store as a 'corrective action.' It is suggested that several fake accounts were created to post negative reviews for the app. Therefore, in order to curb spam abuse, Google intervened in the ongoing TikTok debacle and deleted the negative comments. While this helped the app get to a rating of 1.6, it still is quite less as compared to the previous 4.5 ratings on the app store. Meanwhile, TikTok's ratings on the App Store has gone down to 3.4 from 4.8.

For those who have forgotten, TikTok's Google Play Store ratings began decreasing after one of the popular TikTokers Faisal Siddiqui posted a video that glorified acid attacks. This led to several hashtags such as '#bantiktok' and more trending on Twitter. This led to the suspension of Siddiqui's TikTok account and video even got deleted.

Following this, TikTok India issued a statement on its Instagram handle, suggesting that a safe and positive environment is its top priority and its terms and conditions differentiate between what is right and what wrong.

However, this is not the only reason TikTok began receiving all the rage. A recent YouTube vs TikTok trend made rounds when YouTuber CarryMinati posted a video trolling another TikToker Amir Siddiqui and the video got quite popular with millions of views. However, it got removed as it didn't follow the terms of service, which led to more hatred towards TikTok and TikTokers.

Currently, TikTok is not in the right space in the country as people are demanding its ban in the country. To recall, it got banned last year due to the promotion of derogatory content but got unbanned soon after. The app also has an Indian rival called Mitron, which gained 5 million downloads in just a month of its launch. We will let you know what the fate of TikTok in India is. Hence, stay tuned.

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