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21 baseless things every desi girl is tired of hearing

Here's a list of 21 baseless things every desi girl is tired of hearing!

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New Delhi Published on: September 20, 2019 19:23 IST
21 baseless things every desi girl is tired of hearing

21 baseless things every desi girl is tired of hearing

Being born in an Indian family comes with its own set of rules that we as ‘sanskaari’ girls are expected to follow. We are often moral-policed, taught a lof of things, reminded of our 'maryadas' time and again. After all for desi girls, maryada mein rehna is way more important than khush rehna

Here’s just another list of 21 ‘baseless things every desi girl is tired of hearing or has at least heard once in her life. We bet you will relate!

1. You must not roam about with boys; having a boyfriend is worse than having cancer and your dad and your brothers should be the only men in your life.

Toh kya shaadi bhi inhi se karwaoge?
2. Showing bra straps is a bigger issue in society than corruption, poverty and a million other problems India has.
Toh bra strap chupao, Bharat ko mahaan banao.
3. “Beta, thik se baithho. Uncle aaye hain!”

“After all ghar to uncle ka hai, main toh sirf guest hoon na?” 

4. The deeper the cleavage, the bigger the taunt!
Waist show in your saree is fine but my cleavage has teeth, right?
5. Length of the skirt should be more than the list of your qualifications.
“Kyunki padhai se aaj tak kiska bhala huya hai, chulha-chowka hi toh sambhaalna hai baad mein?”

6. “4 botal vodka”… trust maa baap ka todta?
Because our society has no concept of consent and girls drinking clearly means they are asking for it!
7. Cigarette = Sin; Drugs to bohot door ki baat hai!
And if you get caught, “Cigarette ke dhuye ka chaalla banaa ke... tumhein latka dengey!"
8. Girls should not step out after its dark. They can get raped.
Umm, thanks but no thanks? Please keep your men inside at night with their pants secured. That’s going to serve a bigger purpose!
9. A girl must never discuss about periods in public and sanitary pads must be hidden at all costs!
Because periods bring more shame to the society than girls getting raped.
10. ALWAYS respect your elders.
Even if they are the most hypocrite group of people you know and give you the most bullshit advice ever or even if you get molested by them, you MUST respect them. Because respect has nothing to do with character, only age!
11. Your virginity must be a gift to your husband.
‘Loyalty’ and ‘love’ toh baad mein dekh lengey!
12. Girls should not travel alone. Insert the “Akeli ladki khuli tijori ki tarah hoti hai” reference.
“Me: Mummy, I want to go on a trip alone.
My mother: Haan beta, shaadi ke baad apne pati ke saath chali jaana.”

13. Girls should not make social media accounts.
Really? Does that even make sense?
14. Girls must never call out their husbands and never get separated from them in any case.
Abb adjust to karna hi padta hai ladki ko. After all, a dead daughter is any day preferred over a divorced daughter.
15. Girls must always prioritize home over their career.
Kyunki ladkiyaan toh kitchen mein hi achchi lagti hain.

16. A girl must know how to cook.
How about everyone regardless of their gender should know how to cook? Life Lessons anyone?
17. No late night calls!
Because for girls, ‘raat’ or ‘baat’ never go hand in hand.
18. Girls should not watch any English movies or shows.
“Ye kissing vissing dekh kar hi bigad jaati hain ye ladkiyaan!”

19. You must never earn more than your husband.
Because it is my job to boost his self-esteem, right?
20. Anything related to sex is a sin.
21. Girls should always look presentable and well dressed.

Just another way to 

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