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Yoga Day 2022 UPDATES: PM Modi greets gathering at Mysuru Palace as mass celebrations conclude

Yoga Day 2022: Yoga plays a very important role in the physical and mental growth of the body. Along with 15,000 fitness enthusiasts, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is leading a mass Yoga event at Mysuru, Karnataka. Catch all the HIGHLIGHTS of the celebrations here.

Health Desk Written by: Health Desk New Delhi Updated on: June 21, 2022 19:25 IST
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Image Source : ANI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at Mysuru Palace

Yoga Day 2022 HIGHLIGHTS: June 21 is observed as the International Day of Yoga every year since 2015. PM Modi in 2014 proposed that June 21 which is also known as the summer solstice to be chosen as the Yoga Day. The United Nations General Assembly then declared the same with the support of 177 countries. The first Yoga Day was celebrated in 2015. Yoga plays a very important role in the physical and mental growth of the body. It helps strike a balance between mind, body and soul. This year, the theme is 'Yoga for Humanity'. PM Narendra Modi led the celebrations from Mysuru for the 8th edition of Yoga Day and the ministers joined him from 75 iconic locations. More than 15,000 people also participated in the mass event.

Taking to Twitter, Prime Minister on Monday said, "Tomorrow, June 21 will be marked as International Yoga Day. Guided by the theme of 'Yoga For Humanity', let us make this Yoga Day a success and further popularise Yoga." Keeping the overarching theme of the 75 years of India's independence the Ministry for Ayush had identified 75 locations for Union Ministers to participate in the Yoga Day celebration.


Yoga Day 2022

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  • 7:23 PM (IST) Posted by Shashank Shantanu

    'Yoga improves lung function, cardiovascular fitness'

    According to WHO’s Global Action Plan on Physical Activity 2018-2030, practicing yoga regularly reduces the risk of chronic NCDs such as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and heart attacks. Yoga improves lung function, cardiovascular fitness, enhances functional health, and reduces oxidative stress, says Ashok Patel, CEO and Founder Max Ventilator

  • 7:22 PM (IST) Posted by Shashank Shantanu

    'Significance of yoga in the modern day world is hard to ignore'

    The significance of yoga in the modern day world is hard to ignore as it helps one find inner peace within and brings solace to a restless mind. Daily practice of yoga can have a positive effect on behaviour, mood and overall mental health in different ways. It can affect mood by elevating levels of a brain chemical called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which is associated with better mood and decreased anxiety, says Vikram Thaploo, CEO Apollo Telehealth  

  • 1:54 PM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    Know the hidden powers of Yoga

    The world observes the International Yoga Day and the theme for this year is “Yoga for humanity”. Yoga has become an alternative for humans to cope with modern lifestyle problems. It is getting increasingly popular across the world. It provides peace to the restless mind. It is a blessing for the ill. It is the trend of the day to maintain the average man fit. Some people take it to help them improve their memory, intellect, and creativity. It is becoming a component of education due to its numerous benefits. In their quest for perfection, experts utilize it to unlock deeper layers of awareness.


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  • 1:53 PM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    Origin, development & international recognition of Yoga

    Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. The word ‘yoga’ derives from Sanskrit and means to join or to unite, symbolizing the union of body and consciousness. Coinciding with the summer solstice, the day is relevant in our nation as having a connection with the ancient practice of yoga. Yoga has got its origin before the Vedic period as mentioned in the oldest Veda, Rig Veda. But its popularity was mainly seen in the 1980s as the Western World brought it into practice in the form of physical exercise. 


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  • 1:15 PM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    Malaika Arora's Yoga Day post

    Malaika Arora took to Instagram to share a video where she can be seen performing asanas. "For me, it’s another day. For me, this is a way of life. However, all I ask you is #juststart. Happy international day of yoga," the actress wrote.



  • 1:14 PM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    Know effective yoga asanas for children to increase height, sharpen memory & eyesight

    Every parent wishes their kids to have a sharp memory and a strong mind. With online classes and no physical activity in the last two and a half years due to covid lockdown, children became lazy. Practicing yogasanas at old age can be helpful to keep the body flexible and healthy. Also, yoga helps to increase the height of children at the right age and make them active. Doing yoga daily also helps them to concentrate better on their studying. 

    According to Swami Ramdev, by doing yoga, children become flexible and strong. They become more confident as they experience their body developing in a good way. Therefore, it is important that children do yoga daily, either in the morning or evening.

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  • 10:33 AM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    International Yoga Day: Here's how Bollywood is celebrating

    From kids to pregnant women to the elderly and celebrities, Yoga appeals to all age groups and has been adopted by many celebrities including Deepika Padukone, Shilpa Shetty, Malaika Arora, Akshay Kumar, Twinkle Khanna, and Milind Soman among others to acquire great physical and mental health for their hectic lives. Bollywood celebrities and their love for yoga is not a secret, thus, on the occasion, they took to social media to encourage people to practice yoga daily. 


  • 10:24 AM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    How the world is celebrating Yoga Day

    June 21 is celebrated as International Yoga Day every year. The day has been dedicated to spreading awareness about India's age-old practice of yoga. The United Nations declared this day as Yoga Day after Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, proposed it in the assembly. This year, along with 15,000 fitness enthusiasts, PM Modi lead a mass Yoga event at the Mysuru Palace grounds in Karnataka to mark the eighth IYD.

    Check out pictures of how the world is celebrating the day.


  • 9:24 AM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    Kareena Kapoor to Shilpa Shetty, Bollywood divas who swear by yoga

    Bollywood actresses take good care of themselves and follow different exercise routines. However, there are some divas like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Shilpa Shetty and others who swear by yoga. They not just inculcate it in their life but also inspire others to do the same.

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  • 9:24 AM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    5 pranayamas that will change your life miraculously

    Yoga comprises five principles including positive thinking and meditation, relaxation, exercise, Pranayama, and a nutritious diet. Controlled breathing, also known as Pranayama, is a technique known to increase our lung capacity and overall bodily functions through regular practice by controlling inspiration and expiration. The technique makes use of diaphragmatic and abdominal muscles, which improves the human respiratory system. Regular practice of Pranayam techniques such as Anulom Vilom, Kapalbhati, Nadisuddi, Bramhari, Udgeeth, and others has been shown to benefit practitioners.

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  • 9:02 AM (IST) Posted by Shriya Bhasin

    Baba Ramdev says, 'Yoga is spiritual, not religious'

    Swami Ramdev thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for getting Yoga recognized across the globe and making the entire world celebrate International Yoga Day on June 21.


  • 8:55 AM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    Himachal Pradesh | Central Ski Team of Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) participate in Yod Day celebrations, at Rohtang Pass at an altitude of 14,000 ft in snow.

  • 8:54 AM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    Swami Ramdev says 'Yoga is for everyone'

    "The nation is celebrating Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav and we should aim to keep our body free of any illness. And for this one should do four-five Yoga asanas every day," Ramdev said. He added that Yoga is for everyone and urged people to practice it daily.

  • 8:23 AM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    Swami Ramdev on Yoga Day

    On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev on Tuesday performed yoga at Patanjali Yogpeeth in Haridwar. More than 10,000 of his followers performed various Yoga asanas. They were briefed about various health benefits and cures of various illnesses by performing particular Yoga asanas.

  • 8:20 AM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    President Ram Nath Kovind peforms yoga

    President Ram Nath Kovind performed Yoga at Rashtrapati Bhavan. "Yoga is a part of our ancient Indian heritage. India's gift to humanity, it is a holistic approach to health and well-being, balancing our mind, body and soul," he said.

    India Tv - President Ram Nath Kovind

    Image Source : ANI

    President Ram Nath Kovind performed Yoga at Rashtrapati Bhavan


  • 8:13 AM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    Yoga Day event ends, PM Modi greets the crowd

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi greets the gathering at Mysuru Palace Ground as the Yoga session ends.

  • 8:11 AM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    Prime Minister's Yoga programme at Mysuru is also part of the novel programme 'Guardian Yoga Ring' which is a collaborative exercise between 79 countries and United Nations organisations along with Indian Missions abroad to illustrate Yoga's unifying power that surpasses National boundaries.


  • 7:47 AM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    Yoga Day celebrations underway at Mysore Palace

    Yoga Day celebrations are underway in full swing at Karnataka's Mysore Palace


  • 7:45 AM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    Delhi CM and Dy CM at Thyagraj Stadium

    Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy CM Manish Sisodia take part in Yoga Day celebrations at Thyagraj Stadium


  • 7:44 AM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    Dharmendra Pradhan performs Yoga

  • 7:43 AM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    Hardeep Singh Puri performs yoga at Red Fort

    Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri takes part in Yoga Day celebrations at Red Fort. 

  • 7:29 AM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    Yoga brings peace to the world: PM Modi

    Yoga is for the entire humanity. Hence, the theme for this international Yoga Day is 'Yoga for Humanity.' I thank United Nations and people from all over the world for celebrating this day, PM Modi said.

    India Tv - PM Modi leads Yoga Day celebrations from Mysuru

    Image Source : ANI

    PM Modi leads Yoga Day celebrations from Mysuru

    India Tv - PM Modi

    Image Source : ANI

    People perform Yoga with PM Modi


  • 7:15 AM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    PM Modi leads celebration from Mysuru Palace

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday performed yoga at the main event of the eighth edition of the International Day of Yoga in the heritage city of Mysuru in Karnataka. More than 15,000 people participated in the Yoga celebrations along with the PM at the Mysore Palace grounds. Karnataka Governor Thaawarchand Gehlot, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, Union Minister for Ayush Sarbananda Sonowal, and officials of the Ministry of Ayush and the Government of Karnataka and other dignitaries performed yoga at the event.

  • 7:04 AM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    PM Modi on Importance of Yoga

    This whole universe starts from our own body and soul. The universe starts from us. And, Yoga makes us conscious of everything within us and builds a sense of awareness, PM Narendra Modi said on International Yoga Day. He added, "Millions of people with inner peace will create an environment of global peace. That is how Yoga can connect the people and countries, and how Yoga can become a problem solver for all of us."

  • 6:58 AM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    "I extend my greetings to all on this 8th International Yoga Day. Today, Yoga is being practiced in all parts of the world. Yoga brings peace for us. The peace from Yoga is not only for individuals, it brings peace to our nations and the world," says PM Modi as he addresses the nation on IYD. 

  • 6:41 AM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at Mysuru Palace Ground where he will perform Yoga, along with others, on International Yoga Day. He was joined by 15,000 yoga enthusiasts who are participating in the event. 

  • 6:39 AM (IST) Posted by Ridhi Suri

    PM Modi's tweet

  • 6:32 AM (IST) Posted by Shriya Bhasin

    Yoga Day 2022 celebrations held at Niagara Falls

    #InternationalDayofYoga2022 celebrations were held at Niagara Falls. With the support of the Consulate General of India in New York, Buffalo-Niagara Tamil Mandram & India Association of Buffalo organized the event at the Goat Island of Niagara Falls State Park.


  • 6:31 AM (IST) Posted by Shriya Bhasin

    Yoga Day 2022: Dharahara tower in Kathmandu gets illuminated

    On the eve of #InternationalDayOfYoga2022, Dharahara tower in Kathmandu was illuminated spreading the message of 'Yoga For Humanity'


  • 5:15 AM (IST) Posted by Parina Taneja

    Swami Ramdev performs yoga in Haridwar

    Yoga guru Swami Ramdev lead the Yoga Day 2022 celebrations by performing yoga asanas with children and many people at his Patanjali Yogpeeth in Haridwar.

  • 5:10 AM (IST) Posted by Parina Taneja

    Yoga Day 2022: PM Modi to lead celebrations from Mysuru

    Yoga day celebrations will be organised at 75 iconic locations across the country under the leadership of 75 Union ministers, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi attending the exercise at Mysore. The yoga demonstrations will also be held by various educational, social, political, cultural, religious, corporate and other civil society organisations and will be attended by crores of people across the country. 


  • 4:58 AM (IST) Posted by Parina Taneja

    Yoga Day: History and Significance

    The 8th edition of International Yoga Day is being organised in India and across the globe this year on the theme of 'Yoga for Humanity' which was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Mann Ki Baat address. But do you know how this day came into existence and what is its significance? Click here to know.

  • 4:55 AM (IST) Posted by Parina Taneja

    Send Yoga Day wishes to your loved ones

    On this Yoga Day 2022, let's motivate and encourage our loved ones with wishes and messages that will inspire them to adopt yoga. Share these HD wallpapers, and Facebook and Whatsapp greetings with them.