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Try these 5 foods to control your blood sugar levels

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New Delhi Updated on: October 31, 2020 21:41 IST
Try these 5 foods to control your blood sugar levels
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Try these 5 foods to control your blood sugar levels

The risk of a fatal outcome from COVID-19 is up to 50 per cent higher in people with diabetes, experts said, recommending regular monitoring of blood glucose and home-based exercises to maintain physical and mental health.

Highlighting the extreme vulnerability of people living with diabetes during the current lockdown due to coronavirus, endocrinologists in the national capital said they may experience severe symptoms and complications from COVID-19 and their condition may worsen if they do not maintain good metabolic control.

Diet is an important factor for diabetics and they need to have certain quantity and types of foods to maintain their blood sugar levels. Therefore, if you are suffering with the issue of diabetes, don't worry here we are with a list of 5 types of foods which will help and keep your blood sugar levels normal.


Egga are one of the most nutritious foods which are full of proteins. They are extremely useful in controlling diabetes and can help in keeping you full. 


A bowl full of oatmeal can be very useful for diabetes patients and is super easy to store in your fridge. This meal can help reduce the glucose as well as insulin responses post having food. It can even help in increasing your insulin sensitivity while maintaining the glycemic control.


Luckily, fruits like melons are now available. You will probably find this in your corner grocery shop, or you can order this online. This is a very nutritious fruit that can regulate blood sugar levels.


Legumes are full of fibre and proteins which are very necessary for diabetics. Therefore, try having beans, peas and lentils in your meals.

Leafy Greens

Green vegetables are highly nutritious and have very low digestible carbs. Therefore, eating leafy greens are highly recommended for diabetics as they maintain blood sugar levels.  

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