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EXCLUSIVE: Zoa Morani opens about her battle with COVID-19

Bollywood actress Zoa Morani who was tested COVID-19 positive on April 7 speaks to IndiaTV about the symptoms which made her realize that something's wrong and how her friends and her family were supportive which helped her during the course of her isolation in the hospital.

Joyeeta Mitra Suvarna Joyeeta Mitra Suvarna
New Delhi Updated on: April 15, 2020 21:59 IST
EXCLUSIVE: Zoa Morani opens about her battle with COVID-19
Image Source : INSTAGRAM

EXCLUSIVE: Zoa Morani opens about her battle with COVID-19

After Kanika Kapoor, Bollywood producer Karim Morani's daughters Zoa and Shaza Morani tested positive for the novel coronavirus which spread its wings from China's Wuhan city. The Bollywood actress was diagnosed with the virus on April 7 later which she was admitted to Mumbai's Nanavati hospital. Well, she has now fully recovered from the illness and has been discharged from the hospital. In an exclusive interview with IndiaTV, Zoa spoke about her fight with COVID-19 and shared how she spent her time in self-islolation. Not only this, but she was also surprised by the fact that she is now giving an interview for the illness about which she was really intrigued.

Zoa's first reports came negative despite the fact that she showed prominent symptoms of the virus. There were reports that her and her sister Shaza's reports got mixed and that is the reason she got a re-test done which came positive. Talking about ​the symptoms of the virus, Zoa told IndiaTV, "I guess no one really knows exactly how this virus works. It was just worrisome as my symptoms were becoming a bit uncomfortable to handle so we thought maybe I have some other viral - but Kokila hospital suggested I get re-tested as the symptoms were pretty obvious and I was in contact with my sister who tested positive!  But I don’t know really how my first test was negative..."

Talking about how her family has been very supportive about the illness which gives a positive sign, Zoa said, "Ever since the pandemic started, I've been so intrigued by it and following news articles worldwide. I still can't believe I am now giving an interview for the same but I guess it's my duty to help spread awareness since it has brought the whole world to a standstill and the only way we can learn about it is from the people going through it... I'm more than happy to share my experience."

Speaking further she said it was her family and friends with the support of whom she was able to spend her time in the isolation. Zoa said, "Noone likes to be in a hospital specially when its an isolation...Being in the hospital hasn't really felt that isolated thanks to my family and friends and my phone and video calling!!! I had a book with me.. so much drama with one day Shaza testing positive next day me and then third day Papa.. so half the day going trying to absorb these new situations and then the other half I have to rest! Doctors said rest is essential!"

Continuing she said, "After the first three days, I felt more comfortable in the hospital- the breathlessness stopped and I learned a lot from my doctors about what I must do to keep my immunity high and certain breathing exercises etc ... I binged watched some shows, did Pranayam and prayed a lot. I didn't feel isolated at all thanks to all the love and attention pouring in from friends, family, media and social media! So grateful for all the warmth and prayers . 7 days in hospital went in a jiffy thanks to you’ll."

When asked if she connected with sister and father while in the hospital, Zoa told IndiaTV, "Yes continuously on facetime and WhatsApp. We were stuck together for 14 days in quarantine- she was my quarantine partner, I missed her terribly."


Speaking about the first instinct that made her realized that something's wrong and the symptoms of the virus, Zoa said, "When my sister started with the fever and headache and the next day I got a fever.. when it hit us together I got the feeling that maybe it was the virus... yet very hard to digest as you feel like what if ur mind is just getting influenced by what you are constantly reading !!! It's very confusing.. but with the correct guidance of our doctors and the Government, we went through it all and have come out of it too.. Grateful and thankful it dit hit us hard and sincere prayers for all those out there suffering deeply because of this virus!"

Zoa further asked everyone to stay safe and follow all the rules because the corona fighters in the country are putting their life to risk to protect us. She said, "Let's help them! Lastly no words will ever be enough to thank The Doctors and medical staff... I would like to thank the Government for doing a commendable job and keeping track of every step and taking precautions for the safety of each person. Thank you to the media for being so sensitive and warm, and also all the wishes and prayers we received through social media! Truly felt like we were in this together."

For the uninitiated, Zoa Morani made her Bollywood debut with Shah Rukh Khan's production venture 'Always Kabhi Kabhi'. Also featuring Ali Fazal in on of lead roles, the film released in 2011 and bombed at the box-office. She later featured in films like 'Mastaan' and 'Bhaag Johnny'. In 2018, she made her digital debut with Zee5's 'Akoori' and was last seen in 'Bhoot Purva' in 2019 which streamed on the same OTT platform.


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