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  • Operation North Thunder

    Saudi Arabia proposes NATO like military alliance of Muslim states

    World | March 16, 2016 15:08 IST

    The Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has proposed a "NATO-like" military alliance of Islamic countries to combat terrorism. The proposed alliance would not be against any particular country but would combat terrorism and threats

  • poland to host 2016 nato summit

    Poland to host 2016 NATO Summit

    World | October 28, 2015 7:11 IST

    Warsaw: The Polish government has agreed on the plan of action concerning the preparation of the NATO Summit that will take place in Warsaw on July 8-9 2016.The main agenda of the North Atlantic Treaty

  • nato members urged to increase budgets over security threats

    NATO members urged to increase budgets over security threats

    World | October 13, 2015 7:32 IST

    Oslo: Participants of an annual session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly on Monday urged NATO nations to boost defence spending in the face of new security threats.NATO Parliamentary Assembly president Michael Turner, at the plenary

  • nato accuses russia of testing modern weapons in syria

    NATO accuses Russia of testing modern weapons in Syria

    World | October 09, 2015 10:47 IST

    Brussels: NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg warned that Russia is testing "some of their most modern weapons" in Syria, while carrying out a great military deployment."What is going on in Syria of course is of

  • afghan car bombing kills at least 12 including 3 americans

    Afghan car bombing kills at least 12, including 3 Americans

    World | August 23, 2015 8:35 IST

    Kabul: A suicide car bomber attacked a NATO convoy traveling through a crowded neighborhood in Afghanistan's capital yesterday,killing at least 12 people, including three American civilian contractors for the international military force, authorities said.The Taliban

  • car bombing kills 17 civilians near afghan military base

    Car bombing kills 17 civilians near Afghan military base

    World | July 13, 2015 8:05 IST

    Kabul: A suicide car bombing near a military base in eastern Afghanistan that once hosted CIA employees killed at least 17 civilians Sunday, local officials said, the latest insurgent attack after foreign forces ended their

  • nato coalition convoy targeted in suicide attack in kabul

    NATO: Coalition convoy targeted in suicide attack in Kabul

    World | June 30, 2015 16:15 IST

    Kabul, Afghanistan :  A suicide attacker driving an explosives-packed vehicle targeted a NATO military convoy in the Afghan capital, Kabul, on Tuesday, police and a NATO official said.Police on the scene said casualties were expected.

  • barack obama urges nato member states to help stabilise

    Barack Obama urges NATO member states to help stabilise Afghanistan

    World | May 27, 2015 7:22 IST

    Washington: US President Barack Obama urged all NATO member countries to play a role in helping stabilise Afghanistan.Emerging from a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the White House, Obama on Tuesday said

  • afghan suicide bombing blamed on islamic state kills 35

    Afghan suicide bombing blamed on Islamic State kills 35

    World | April 18, 2015 22:30 IST

    Faizabad: A motorcycle-riding suicide bomber attacked a bank branch today in eastern Afghanistan, killing at least 35 people in a deadly attack the country's president said was claimed by the Islamic State group.  The attack

  • 15 killed in afghan bombings including attack on nato convoy

    15 killed in Afghan bombings, including attack on NATO convoy

    World | April 10, 2015 17:05 IST

    Jalalabad: A Taliban suicide car bomb targeted a NATO convoy in eastern Afghanistan today, killing at least three civilians as security forces brace for a full-blown insurgent offensive in the spring fighting season.Separately, 12 civilians

  • gunmen kill at least 13 in afghan highway attack

    Gunmen kill at least 13 in Afghan highway attack

    World | March 24, 2015 12:16 IST

    Kabul:Gunmen in eastern Afghanistan attacked passing vehicles on a darkened highway during a midnight assault Tuesday, killing at least 13 people, authorities said.The attack happened in Wardak province's Sayad Abad district, where Taliban fighters hold

  • russia threatens denmark with nuclear attack if it joins

    Russia threatens Denmark with nuclear attack if it joins NATO defence shield

    World | March 22, 2015 21:52 IST

    London: Russia has threatened Denmark with a nuclear attack on its Warships if the Scandinavian nation becomes a part of NATO's missile defence system.Russia's ambassador to Denmark, Mikhail Vanin told a Danish newspaper that Denmark

  • afghan army takes on taliban in first solo offensive

    Afghan army takes on Taliban in first solo offensive

    World | March 02, 2015 13:31 IST

    Kabul: The Afghan army is waging its largest-ever solo offensive against the Taliban, hoping to strike a decisive blow ahead of the spring fighting season and prove it can rout the insurgents without the aid

  • chuck hagel concerned about possible split in nato

    Chuck Hagel concerned about possible split in NATO

    World | February 05, 2015 21:33 IST

    Brussels: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says he is very concerned about a potential division within NATO as countries in the north want to focus on the growing threat from Russia, while other alliance members in

  • spain death count rises to 11 in military jet crash at base

    Spain: Death count rises to 11 in military jet crash at base

    World | January 27, 2015 16:25 IST

    Albacete, Spain: The death toll from the crash of a Greek F-16 at a Spanish military base rose to 11 Tuesday after one of the French airmen who suffered serious burns died at a Madrid

  • spain 10 dead 21 hurt in crash of greek f 16 jet at base

    Spain: 10 dead, 21 hurt in crash of Greek F-16 jet at base

    World | January 27, 2015 9:55 IST

    Madrid: A Greek F-16 fighter jet crashed into other aircraft on the ground during NATO training in southeastern Spain Monday, killing at least 10 French and Greek military personnel, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said.Another

  • nato international headquarters to be established in

    NATO international headquarters to be established in Lithuania

    World | January 24, 2015 6:37 IST

    Vilnius: NATO would establish international headquarters in Lithuania, together with five other Eastern and Central European countries, the Lithuanian ministry of defence announced in a statement released on Friday."We have managed to achieve what we

  • india can play important role in afghanistan un chief

    India can play important role in Afghanistan: UN chief

    India | January 12, 2015 23:22 IST

    New Delhi: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon today favored a greater role by India in Afghanistan, saying it can help ensure peace, prosperity and stability in the war-ravaged country which has been facing security challenges

  • home minister rajnath singh raises concern over nato forces

    Home Minister Rajnath Singh raises concern over NATO forces withdrawal from Afghanistan

    Politics | January 11, 2015 8:11 IST

    New Delhi: India on Saturday said that the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan would not only have security implications for South Asia but also for the US and other countries even as he called

  • nato ends combat mission in afghanistan

    NATO ends combat mission in Afghanistan

    World | December 29, 2014 7:49 IST

    Kabul: The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) on Sunday formally ended its 13-year-old combat mission in Afghanistan.In a ceremony held here, US commander of ISAF General John F. Campbell said: "Today marks an end