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5 Ways to ensure a longer life for your instant camera

If you own an instant camera like Instax, then here are a few tips which might help you to care for your camera and keep it safe and perfect.

Saumya Nigam Edited by: Saumya Nigam Noida Published on: May 23, 2022 19:30 IST
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Instant Camera- how to care for your camera

Retro is always in and the instant camera is much in fashion and adds a style statement to the life of youth in today's time. Instant cameras - both digital and analogue- are easy, hassle-free and are considered one of the very old and interesting technologies in the photography universe. These colourful and quirky cameras can be your travel companion, plus one at parties or adventure buddy, helping you capture memories instantly no matter where you go. And to keep your buddy in the best shape and allow them to stand the test of time, here are 5 tips that will help you make the most of your device to capture a lifetime's worth of memories:

Cold storage for optimum results:

Taking care of your instant camera film is as important as taking care of the camera itself. Since the film is sensitive to both humidity and temperature, it should be stored in a cold, dry, and well-ventilated environment. While most instant cameras are designed to resist temperatures from 5°C to 40°C, high temperatures and extreme humidity are detrimental to the film. Keep this in mind when travelling and make sure you store both the camera and film according to the climate outside.

Sunlight and fingertips are a big no-no

To load unused film onto the camera, take it out from its pack and load it into the camera as quickly as possible. Avoid opening it in direct sunlight or exposing the open film pack to it. To ensure great prints, make sure that you do not leave fingerprints on the film as it will lead to the damaged film. It's easy to forget about the film until you need it. However, if not handled properly, your film can easily become damaged, leaving you with a useless pack.

Archive with care

When preserving your instant camera photos, keep them out of direct sunlight and moisture to preserve their richness and colour. Use a personalised photo album to make your memories last longer. For a longer shelf life of the photos, display the prints in dimmer rather than brighter areas as bright light exposure can result in fading of the film and print.

Save those batteries for later

Leaving the batteries inside the camera for long without using them can result in damage to the battery slot and make the battery drain faster. For safekeeping and optimal prolonged life, remove the batteries from the camera when not in use.

Avoid dust and sand

While your instant cameras are a great accompaniment to the beach, make sure that you carry the proper protection for them. Sand can cause damage (including scratches) to the body and lenses alike. To prevent this, you can use case covers and keep your camera away from dust and sand particles in order to capture the best of your memories.

While these tips will help you make the most out of your instant camera, don’t forget to preserve your photos and memories in the best possible manner for a lifetime of treasures! With an instant camera, a capture and a physical photo are just a click away. Now go shoot!

(The above information has been provided by Mr Arun Babu who is the General Manager, EID, Optical Devices and Instax Division at Fujifilm India. All the details suggested in the articles are personal and India TV takes no responsibility for it)