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World Day for Safety and Health: Redefine work from home

With our homes becoming the centre of our activities, workplace safety concerns are also becoming a part of our home life. 

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New Delhi Published on: April 28, 2021 19:27 IST
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World Day for Safety and Health

With the second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak, Indians are refocusing on health and taking precautions to battle the pandemic. With our homes becoming the centre of our activities, workplace safety concerns are also becoming a part of our home life. 

Given that our home is our new workplace, ensuring our safety becomes our individual responsibility. One of the most efficient and convenient ways is to proactively adopt safety measures and upgrade to advanced home appliances that have preventive healthcare technologies. Following are a few new-age technological solutions in the home appliances space that have paved their way in the last year:

UV technology in home appliances

Incorporating UV technology in home appliances has proven to kill bacteria and viruses. For example, a UV based split inverter AC as the Voltas PureAir Inverter AC can help disinfectant surfaces without the use of additional disinfectants and also does away with the need to constantly sanitize. The multi-stage filtration enabled by UV sheets and HEPA filters keep allergens as small as 2.5pm at bay keeping the air inside the room fresh and germ-free.         

Wifi-enabled appliances/smart home

Contactless is a buzzword that is here to stay and smart home appliances can help in reducing the spread of germs and viruses through the surface interface.  One can invest in smart or contactless home technology that can be connected via a common network and controlled independently and remotely. A single source like an application on your phone or synchronizing the appliance with our home automation systems like Google Home/Alexa can eliminate surface contact.  This will not only help to break the chain of spreading the virus but will also help in maintaining social distancing and isolation.

Home appliance companies have included this technology as a must-have across their product portfolio and their variants. According to a study conducted by Voltas on Usage & Attitude Survey on Air Conditioner Remote, 83% of consumers are looking at advanced features such as Wi-Fi-enabled ACs owing to WFH, signalling the importance of Smart ACs.

Limit your trip to the supermarket for fresh vegetables

Various parts of the country have been locked down to prevent mass gatherings in public places as a result there is a shortage in the supply and distribution of groceries like fresh fruits, vegetables, and ready-to-eat foods. In such times, new and improved refrigeration technology introduced by Voltas Beko that comes with the StoreFresh™ feature that locks in the freshness of your fruits and vegetables for up to 30 days! By minimizing temperature fluctuations and keeping moisture levels steady, it keeps food fresh thus reducing the number of trips needed to keep food stock at home.

The pandemic has changed the way we conceive the safety of spaces at home and work. Given that this is not going to be the last pandemic, it has become necessary for consumer appliances to prioritize health, hygiene, technology, and energy efficiency when designing new age home appliances. 

COVID-19 is serving as a wake-up call to rethink technologies that can help us live a healthier and safer life. 

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