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Looking to upgrade your gaming PC? Here's what Western Digital suggests

The Indian gaming sector has been growing tremendously. During the pandemic, we saw an increasing interest in PC and mobile gaming.

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New Delhi Updated on: April 05, 2021 18:17 IST
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Looking to upgrade your gaming PC? Here's what Western Digital suggests

While the coronavirus pandemic created a tough situation for many industries, a few businesses did see a boom. Among these was the gaming industry as many people started playing games in their free time during the lockdown. Even now, people have become addicted to gaming and are looking for ways to upgrade their PCs with better components. 

In the PC component space, many people tend to get confused and fail to understand how they can improve the performance of their PCs significantly. In order to solve this, we asked a few questions to Mr. Khalid Wani, Director sales, India Western Digital and here’s what he had to say:

What is the difference between a normal drive and a gaming drive?

A gamer needs super-performance drive with ample space and it is an added benefit if the drive come optimized for heating. Therefore, a gaming drive is specially designed to cut down wait time and help gamers get back into action and stay ahead of the game- they offer insane speeds, i.e. our WD BLACK SN850 reaches irrational 7000MB/s read speed. Gaming drives, such as WD_ BLACK SN750 and WD_BLACK SN850 also feature an optional heatsink model so the PC doesn’t bottom out. Additionally, our gaming drives come loaded with WD_BLACK Dashboard, allowing gamers to monitor the health of the drive and optimize performance using gaming mode to ensure they are firing on all cylinders during intense gaming sessions.

Are more gamers choosing gaming drives in India?

The Indian gaming sector has been growing tremendously. During the pandemic, we saw an increasing interest in PC and mobile gaming. With one of the youngest populations, India is expected to be among the top gaming markets globally. While India is a mobile-first market, however, many gamers are switching to PC gaming to enjoy a wholesome experience. 

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Image Source : INDIATV

Khalid Wani - Director Sales, Western Digital India 

Our ‘Next-Gen Indian PC Gamer’ survey revealed that along with having a good graphic card to support high graphic games, having enough storage space is essential for gamers for faster upload time. As per the survey, 57% of the gamers stated that slow storage leads to a poor gaming experience. These findings underline the needs for fast and high performing storage solutions that provide you with an immersive experience. Our WD_BLACK portfolio is specially designed to meet the needs of the rapidly growing gaming ecosystem. 

How can one get a better gaming performance out of his existing PC?

Gaming is all fun when it is fast, responsive, and seamless. Playing on an outdated PC can certainly have several drawbacks like slow load times and transfer speed, resulting in high latency. However, the most simple and effective way to boost up a PC’s performance is by upgrading the storage drive. It does not just increase the storage capacity but also ramps up the PC’s performance significantly helping games load faster and ensuring an uninterrupted experience. 

The WD_BLACK SN850 boosts the system’s overall responsiveness and helps load games and their levels quickly by cutting down wait time and helping gamers get back into action and go ahead of the game. The device is a one-stop solution to store large files and video games on a single-sided drive that’s roughly the size of a gum stick. Another essential factor that impacts the gaming experience and improves the PC’s performance is a GPU that is compatible with frequently played games or computationally complex programs. 

In a storage device, apart from storage space, what else matters?

As technology has advanced over time, data storage devices have also evolved. Today storage devices come with ultra-fast speeds, reliability, and better storage space, heatsink features and much more.  

What is the impact of NVMe SSDs in the gaming ecosystem?

With games being designed with higher motions and graphics, a fast-performance storage device is crucial for an immersive experience. With the introduction of the NVMe technology, SSDs help games load faster delivering great performance, with faster boot time and lesser lags. Today, with an increasing demand for high-performance gaming systems, devices are being increasingly designed with an NVMe slot.

Beyond gaming what can Western Digital’s new products offer to heavy users?

With our changing digital habits, growing digitalization, and increasing digital transformation, data is becoming critical.  As a trusted keeper of customers’ data, it is extremely important for Western Digital to constantly innovate and provide the best storage solutions to capture, preserve, access, and transform their valuable data. We are invested in cutting-edge R&D to offer the latest technology. 

For example, NVMe technology is redefining data storage, both, in consumer and commercial space. We have integrated NVMe technology in our consumer, professional and enterprise segment to offer top-notch performance and ultra-low latencies. Our SanDisk Extreme and SanDisk Extreme Pro portable SSDs are powered with NVMe technology and offer upto 2000MBPs of speeds. We offer 1TB microSD cards and SanDisk Dual Drive. We also offer high capacity portable HDDs and SSDs for consumers in 5TB and 4TB respectively.   

We will continue to introduce innovative product for consumers, professional and enterprises, featuring latest technology, to deliver high performance, and high capacity in sleek portable designs. 

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