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Yuvraj Singh puzzled by 'most bizarre dismissal', statistician explains

Yuvraj Singh recently shared a post on social media where the batsman is signalled out by the umpire without the delivery hitting the stumps or touching the bat.

Written by: Brett Ellis, New Delhi [ Updated: November 14, 2017 17:04 IST ]
Image Source : GETTY IMAGES A file image of Yuvraj Singh.

Over the years in one of the oldest sports, the rules have been amended from time to time and the various forms of dismissals have developed as well, but here is one of the strangest, bizarre and flabbergasting dismissals one would ever see or witness in the history of cricket. Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh raised the matter on Instagram. In the video, the batsman is seen leaving the ball delivered by the bowler, the ball goes straight to the keeper. No one appealed but the umpire signalled the batsman out. The ball did not hit the stumps, the ball was nowhere near the batsman or his bat. 

"This is one of the strangest dismissals you'll ever see. The batsman clearly doesn't edge it and no one in the opposition appeals. But the umpire raises his finger!", read Yuvraj's caption. 

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Even the people who watched the video scratched their heads in sheer amazement as to how did the Umpire raise the finger.

After a day, renowned statistician Mohandas Menon explained the reason behind the bizarre decision. Menon explained the matter in a Twitter post.

"For all those asking...This match was played for charity in 2007. The rules for this match was that if a batsman leaves two balls, which are playable, without playing a shot in the same over, the umpire can declare you out. And that's what happened in this case!".

Menon's post literally clears all the doubts that cricket fans have been asking themselves after watching the video. The 35-year old Yuvraj's question was also answered at the same time. 

Yuvraj Singh has been struggling with fitness and form which has caused him to be sidelined by the BCCI in recent tours. Yuvraj last played in an ODI in June this year against West Indies and has not been included in Test matches since 2012. Yuvraj will have to give it his all if he desires to make a comeback into the national team as the BCCI and Virat Kohli have opted for a higher level of training to boost their fitness. 

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