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Highlights, India vs Bangladesh, Day-Night Test, Day 2: India four wickets away from win

Highlights, Day-Night Test, Day 2: Follow ball-by-ball updates of day two of the Day-Night Test from Eden Gardens live here at IndiaTV.

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New Delhi Updated on: November 23, 2019 20:59 IST
Image Source : AP

India's Ishant Sharma, center, Rohit Sharma and Aninkya Rahane celebrate the dismissal of Bangladesh's Mominul Haque during the second day of the second test cricket match between India and Bangladesh, in Kolkata

Highlights, IND vs BAN, DAY-NIGHT TEST, DAY 2: 

Highlights, India vs Bangladesh, Day-Night Test, Day 2: Hello and welcome to our coverage of the Day-Night Test and second of the two-match series between India and Bangladesh live from the Eden Gardens Stadium in Kolkata. After Kohli's 27th Test century and a stunning partnership with Ajinkya Rahane, Bangladesh fought back in the second session. In 11 overs after lunch, India lost four wickets including the dismissal of skipper Virat Kohli for 136. Jadeja was the first to depart, off just the second ball after the break. Kohli departed shortly after, courtesy a stunner from Taijul Islam at backward square. Ashwin and Umesh departed successively half-an-hour later. Hosts eventually declared at 347/9 with 241-run lead. Ishant continued from where he left first innings as he dismissed both Shadman and skipper Mominul Haque for a duck. Follow all the cricket score and updates from the IND vs BAN 2nd Test from Kolkata here at IndiaTV. (Match scorecard | When and where to watch)

IND vs BAN, DAY-NIGHT TEST, DAY 2: BAN 152/6, 106 all-out against India (347/9) at Eden Gardens. Mushfiqur 59*

20.28 IST: Umesh to Taijul, OUT! Regulation catch for Rahane at Gully. And the players are walking off. Stumps.

20.19 IST: NOT OUT! The ball has deflected off the glove. Another good review from the Bangladesh batsman.

20.19 IST: Ashwin to Mushfiqur, LBW APPEAL! OUT! Rahim has taken the review.

20.18 IST: Ashwin to Mushfiqur, FOUR! A little short and Rahim makes space, gets behind the ball and cuts it.

20.16 IST: Ashwin to Taijul, the left-hander is taking on the off-spinner. Lofts straight over his head but fails to find the distance. Picks two.

19.56 IST: Ishant to Mehidy, OUT! BIG BREAKTHROUGH! The edge went straight towards the first slip where Virat Kohli makes no mistake. Half the side in the pavilion.

19.53 IST: Ishant to Mushfiqur, FOUR! FIFTY! A good length delivery outside off, Rahim pushes inside the line with an angled bat and guides it fine down to third man

19.45 IST: Shami to Mehidy! SIX! WHAT WAS THAT! Short pitched delivery and Mehidy gets the leading edge! And quite incredibly (and to the dismay of Virat Kohli who grabs his head in disbelief), the ball has cleared the short third man boundary for a six!

19.43 IST: Shami to Mushfiqur, FOUR! Drives it in front of square! The delivery was way outside off and Rahim plays it on the rise.

19.38 IST: Ashwin to Mehidy, DROPPED! The complicated relationship of dropped catches between Rahane and Ashwin continues from the first Test. No turn, but ample bounce and it gets a thick edge. Rahane fails to react in time.

19.37 IST: Ashwin to Mushfiqur, FOUR! Rahim brings his sweep shot. Brave from the Bangladesh batsman to take on Ashwin in his very first over.

19.36 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin replaces Umesh Yadav

19.28 IST: Umesh to Mushfiqur, FOUR! Great shot! Umesh goes wide outside off this time and Rahim drives it towards cover.

19.27 IST: Umesh to Mushfiqur, FOUR! On the pads and Rahim flicks it to fine leg.

19.26 IST: Shami to Mehidy, FOUR-BYES! The movement is making it trickier for Saha. Another short-pitched delivery from Shami and it runs away to fine leg.

19.23 IST: Shami to Mehidy, FOUR! Good punch from Mehidy. Gets on the top of the short-pitched ball and pushes it front-of-square.

19.19 IST: Mehidy Hasan is the new batsman in.

19.15 IST: Mahmudullah is retired hurt. The Bangladesh batsman has pulled his hamstring while going for a quick run. A big blow to Bangladesh who have already lost four wickets and were seemingly looking strong in the last hour.

19.12 IST: Umesh to Mahmudullah, FOUR! A little short from Umesh and this one was right on the slot. Allows Mahmudullah to open his arms and pull it.

19.03 IST: NOT OUT! A thick edge off the bat there.

19.03 IST: Umesh to Mushfiqur, HUGE APPEAL! OUT! Wait, Rahim has asked for a review straightaway. He is confident that the ball caught an inside-edge.

18:58 IST: Shami to Mahmudullah. FOUR! Length ball, swings in. Rib high and Mahmudullah cuts it down point for a four.

18:45 IST: Shami to Mahmudullah. FOUR! Length ball down off side. Mahmudullah cuts it down backward point for a boundary

18:36 IST: Shami to Rahim. FOUR! This partnership is suddenly providing some hope to Bangladesh. Rahim and Mahmudullah have stitched a 40-run stand off 32 deliveries.

18:19 IST: Umesh to Mahmudullah. FOUR! Length ball down off side and he drives it down point comfortably

18:09 IST: Ishant to Imrul. OUT! Angled in, moves away, takes the outside edge and Kohli takes it at slip. Eight wickets for Ishant in this match. He is now two wickets away from his first ten-wicket haul since 2011

18:01 IST: Umesh to Mithun. OUT! Shotish in length, pulled at short midwicket. Shami takes it comfortably.

17:41 IST: And there is the Tea Break. India lost their five wickets post lunch. Declared at 347/9 with 241-run lead. Bangladesh then lost both Shadman and Mominul for duck. 

17:30 IST: Visiting opening pairs have managed only 266 runs in last 25 Tests against India in India at 10.64

17:23 IST: Ishant to Mominul. OUT! Fullish ball, just outside off, takes the edge and Saha completes the dismissal. Bangladesh skipper bags a pair in this match.

17:12 IST: Ishant to Shadman. OUT! Bangladesh opt for a review. Original decision is out. Uppish in length, strikes the back pad. And it is line with the off stump. Shadman departs for a duck.

17:09 IST: Imrul and Shadman are at the crease. Shadman takes strike. Ishant warms up with the new ball. 4 slips and a gully in place.

16:58 IST: And there is Kohli signalling from the pavilion. India declare at 347 for nine with a lead of 241 runs. This is the sixth straight time that Kohli has declared.

16:54 IST: Abu Jayed to Shami. SIX! Stand and deliver! Amazing from Shami as he launched the ball over long-on. 

16:44 IST: Al Amin to Ishant. OUT! India lose their fifth wicket after lunch in just 12 overs. 

16:37 IST: Abu Jayed to Umesh. OUT! Outside-off delivery. Umesh looks to slog it out off the park. Gets the outside edge and Shadman takes it comfortably at slip. Ishant Sharma is the new batsman in.

16:33 IST: Al Amin to Ashwin. OUT! Placed well outside off, but the ball swung in by a huge margin, striking his pads in line with the middle stump. Ashwin went for the review. But the decision remained the same. Umesh Yadav is the new batsman in.

16:31 IST: This is the fourth successive Test match in India where the home team has taken a 200-plus lead in the first innings

16:26 IST: Ebadot to Ashwin. FOUR bye! Poor length, poor line and off it went dancing towards the boundary. Sad that this bye will go into the keeper's account when it was completely the bowler's mistake. 

16:22 IST: Ebadot to Ashwin. Four bye! Down leg side, Ashwin swings his bat and misses. And then again. This time off his bat and down leg side for a boundary. And again! Over mid-wicket against the short-pitched delivery

16:02 IST: Ebadot to Kohli. OUT! Down leg side, Kohli flicks it over backward square leg and...wooaaah! What a catch from Taijul. Superman-esque! An absolute stunner in the deep.

15:57 IST: Taijul to Saha. FOUR! Leans forward and drives it elegantly down the cover region for a boundary. India have now crossed the 300-run mark.

15:46 IST: Abu Jayed to Wriddhiman Saha. FOUR! What a stunning cover drive! Gets off the mark of the second ball he faces. 

15:42 IST: Abu Jayed to Jadeja. OUT! Length ball, swings in, Jadeja leaves and the ball castles down the off stump.

15.02 IST: LUNCH! India dominate yet another session, scoring 115 runs from 30 overs in the session. Kohli scored his 27th Test century and Rahane also reached his fourth consecutive fifty. Taijul got the only wicket of the session but overall, it was India all the way. Join us in a while for the second session of the day!

14.48 IST: Taijul to Kohli, FOUR! Drives through the cover in the air. Shouts of 'catch it' but far from Mahmudullah and goes for another boundary.

14.45 IST: Milestone man!

14.31 IST: Jayed to Kohli, FOUR! 4 in 4 now. This time through covers. Stands tall and leans forward and drives through covers for the fourth boundary of the over. 

14.40 IST: Jayed to Kohli, FOUR! 3 in 3 for Kohli. This time outside off and Kohli shuffles across and flicks it for a boundary through midwicket.

14.39 IST: Jayed to Kohli, FOUR! Back to back boundaries from Kohli. This time straight down the ground. What a shot! Copybook straight drive from the Indian captain.

14.38 IST: Jayed to Kohli, FOUR! Slightly opens the face of the bat and guides it past point for a boundary.

14.27 IST: Taijul to Kohli, HUNDRED! Flicks it through the leg side and brings up his 27th century in Test cricket. His second was Bangladesh in Test cricket and 70th overall in international cricket. Raises his bat and receives a rousing reception from the Eden Gardens crowd.

14.24 IST: Ebadot to Kohli, FOUR! Pitched up and driven through the covers for a boundary. Moves on to 99.

14.19 IST: Taijul is trying to lure Kohli in and get one to turn and get an edge but so far the Indian captain has managed to drive them both for through covers.

14.01 IST: Ravindra Jadeja comes out to bat as drinks is called for.

14.00 IST: Taijul to Rahane, OUT! Turn does it for Bangladesh. The spinner has been getting some rip off the surface and this time Rahane looks to cut away but only manages to get a leading edge to point. India lose their first wicket of the day. IND 236/4 from 61.1 overs

13.58 IST: Ebadot to Kohli, FOUR BYES!
Short and wide down the leg side. No chance for the keeper to catch that. Four more runs to the board.

13.53 IST: Taijul to Rahane, FIFTY! Flicked to the leg side and that's his fifty... 22nd in whites. Lovely innings of control and attack from the Mumbaikar. Fourth consecutive 50+ score and 7th in last 10 innings.

13.52 IST: Taijul to Rahane, FOUR! Whacked through mid-wicket for a boundary. Converts it into a full toss and slams past the fielder for a boundary. Moves on to 49.

13.45 IST: Ebadot to Rahane, FOUR! Pitched up and smacked through the covers for a boundary.

13.45 IST: Ebadot Hossain introduced into the attack.

13.43 IST: Taijul has just two balls from the off-stump area and beaten Kohli fair and square. Ashwin could fancy some bowling in the second innings it seems

13.33 IST: Al Amin to Rahane, FOUR! Short and Rahane looks to pull it but the ball loops of the gloves and goes past the keeper's leg side for a boundary.

13.30 IST: 200 comes up for India

13.19 IST: Al Amin to Kohli, FOUR! Driven through extra cover for a boundary. Kohli has settled in very well here.

13.16 IST: Al-Amin to Rahane, FOUR! Pitched up and driven on the rise past the bowler for a boundary. First of the day for Rahane.

13.12 IST: Al-Amin to Kohli, FOUR! Full ball on off, flicked through midwicket for another boundary.

13.06 IST: Taijul to Kohli, FOUR! Strays down the leg and Kohli just flicks it off his hips for a boundary. Easy as you like.

13.05 IST: Taijul to bowl from the other end

13.00 IST: Al Amin Hossain to open the bowling for Bangladesh, Virat Kohli on strike for India. Here we go!

12.58 IST:
Chess legends Vishwanathan Anand and Magnus Carlsen rings the bell to signal the start of today's play.

12.55 IST: How many will this man score today?

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12.30 IST: Pink ball Test fantastic, but only occasionally: Bangladesh coach Russell Domingo

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