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N. Adhapara Pin Code

India has 29 states with at least 720 districts comprising of approximately 6 lakh villages, and over 8200 cities and towns. Indian postal department has allotted a unique postal code of pin code to each district/village/town/city to ensure quick delivery of postal services.

A Postal Index Number or PIN or PIN code is a code in the post office numbering or post code system used by India Post, the Indian postal administration. The code is six digits long.

The first three digits of the PIN represent a specific geographical region called a sorting district that is headquartered at the main post office of the largest city and is known as the sorting office. A state may have one or more sorting districts depending on the volumes of mail handled. The fourth digit represents the route on which a delivery office is located in the sorting district. The last two digits represent the delivery office within the sorting district starting from 01 which would be the GPO or HO.

N. Adhapara Pin Code is 768234. Pin Code is also known as Zip Code or Postal Code. N. Adhapara is located in district Jharsuguda, Odisha, INDIA.

OfficeN. Adhapara
TalukLakhanpur Bo
Telephone No.NA
Office TypeB.O
Delivery StatusDelivery
Related Sub OfficeItps Banaharpali S.O
Related Head OfficeJharsuguda H.O

N. Adhapara Near By Pin Code List

AintapaliLaikeraJharsugudaODISHA 768215
ArdaJharsuguda SadarJharsugudaODISHA 768202
AttabiraLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768226
BadmalJharsuguda SadarJharsugudaODISHA 768202
BagdehiJharsugudaJharsugudaODISHA 768220
BagmundaLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768219
Bandhbahal ColonyLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768211
BanjariBelpaharJharsugudaODISHA 768217
Belpahar RsBelpaharJharsugudaODISHA 768217
BelpaharBelpaharJharsugudaODISHA 768218
BhalupatraKirmiraJharsugudaODISHA 768220
BhatlaidaLaikeraJharsugudaODISHA 768213
BhaurkholLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768219
BhimjoreKirmiraJharsugudaODISHA 768220
BrajarajnagarBrajarajnagarJharsugudaODISHA 768216
ChandinimalJharsuguda SadarJharsugudaODISHA 768216
CharpaliLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768226
Charpali barpaliBrajarajnagarJharsugudaODISHA 768211
ChichindaBrajarajnagarJharsugudaODISHA 768216
DalgaonLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768211
DurlagaJharsuguda SadarJharsugudaODISHA 768204
EktaliJharsugudaJharsugudaODISHA 768202
GandgharaBrajarajnagarJharsugudaODISHA 768216
GudigaonJharsuguda SadarJharsugudaODISHA 768202
H. KatapaliJharsuguda SadarJharsugudaODISHA 768202
HirmaJharsuguda SadarJharsugudaODISHA 768202
I BBrajarajnagarJharsugudaODISHA 768216
Industrial Estate Jharsuguda SJharsugudaJharsugudaODISHA 768203
Itps BanaharpaliJharsugudaJharsugudaODISHA 768234
JharsugudaJharsugudaJharsugudaODISHA 768201
JhirlapaliKolabiraJharsugudaODISHA 768213
JorabagaBelpaharJharsugudaODISHA 768217
K.M. Road JharsugudaJharsugudaJharsugudaODISHA 768202
KadamdihiLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768219
KanaktaraLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768226
KandheikelaLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768226
KapilapurLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768226
KatabagaBanaharapaliJharsugudaODISHA 768225
KirmiraKirmiraJharsugudaODISHA 768220
KolabiraKolabiraJharsugudaODISHA 768213
KudabagaLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768219
KudaloiBelpaharJharsugudaODISHA 768217
LaikeraLaikeraJharsugudaODISHA 768215
Lakhanpur JharsugudaLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768219
LamptibahalBrajarajnagarJharsugudaODISHA 768216
LoisinghJharsuguda SadarJharsugudaODISHA 768216
M. KatapaliLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768226
MalidihiKolabiraJharsugudaODISHA 768213
MarkutaJharsuguda SadarJharsugudaODISHA 768202
MochidaLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768226
MudrajoreKolabiraJharsugudaODISHA 768213
NaxapaliKirmiraJharsugudaODISHA 768220
NiktimalLaikeraJharsugudaODISHA 768213
O.M.P. Line JharsugudaJharsugudaJharsugudaODISHA 768204
Orient Colliery BrajarajnagarBrajarajnagarJharsugudaODISHA 768233
PanchgaonLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768226
PanchparaJharsugudaJharsugudaODISHA 768204
PandriLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768234
ParamanandapurKolabiraJharsugudaODISHA 768213
R. KudapaliBrajarajnagarJharsugudaODISHA 768225
RaghunathpaliKolabiraJharsugudaODISHA 768213
RajpurJharsuguda SadarJharsugudaODISHA 768216
RamellaLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768211
Rampaluga RenedaLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768234
RampellaLakhanpur HoJharsugudaODISHA 768211
Rampur CollieryBrajarajnagarJharsugudaODISHA 768225
RemtaLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768226
SahaspurLaikeraJharsugudaODISHA 768215
SamasinghaKolabiraJharsugudaODISHA 768213
SarandamalLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768211
SarangloiLaikeraJharsugudaODISHA 768215
SarbahalJharsugudaJharsugudaODISHA 768201
Sr BrajarajnagarBrajarajnagarJharsugudaODISHA 768216
Sr JharsugudaJharsugudaJharsugudaODISHA 768201
SripuraJharsuguda SadarJharsugudaODISHA 768202
SudangLaikeraJharsugudaODISHA 768215
SulahiLaikeraJharsugudaODISHA 768202
SunariLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768234
TalmalJhrasuguda SadarJharsugudaODISHA 768204
TalpatiaJhasuguda SadarJharsugudaODISHA 768204
ThebraLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768219
UbudaLakhanpurJharsugudaODISHA 768217
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