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Doing Yoga daily? Know what to eat and avoid before practising the asanas

Be it yoga or any other fitness exercise, there are some rules of diet and water. This benefits the body and gives you plenty of energy during exercise. Know what should be eaten before and after doing yoga.

Written By: Kristina Das @ New Delhi Published on: June 24, 2024 12:17 IST
Know what to eat and avoid before practising yoga
Image Source : FREEPIK Know what to eat and avoid before practising yoga.

Yoga is a good exercise to make every body part healthy and strong. Yoga not only heals your body but also helps in strengthening the mind and soul. Yogasanas provide a lot of strength to the body. Yoga is recommended to improve mental health. If you practice yoga daily, do you know what you should eat before and after? If you are doing yoga in the morning, then what should you eat and what should you eat before doing yoga in the evening? Also, know how long after doing yoga should you drink water.

Most people who practice yoga in the morning do not like to eat or drink anything before yoga, this is because there are many asanas which can be difficult to do after eating. Therefore, it is said that if you are doing yoga after breakfast or lunch, then do it at least 2-3 hours after eating. This helps in digesting the food easily and you can do any yoga practice.

What to eat before practising yoga?

It is considered better to practice yoga in the morning. About 45 minutes before doing yoga, you can eat 1 ripe banana and fruits like berries. You should start your day with a protein-rich diet. You can also drink yoghurt, dry fruits, porridge, fruit smoothie, egg, homemade protein bar and protein shake. So that you feel energetic in the morning.

What to eat after practising yoga? 

Avoid drinking large amounts of water for half an hour after doing yoga. Drink water after 30 minutes to replace lost electrolytes. Include nutritious food in the diet after doing yoga. You can include 1 bowl of fresh seasonal fruits or vegetables. You can also eat boiled eggs, any sandwich, nuts and seeds, along with curd.

What to eat before and after yoga in the evening?

If you do yoga in the evening, then do any yoga asanas only after about 3 hours of eating. You can take some light snacks 1 hour before doing yoga. So that your body gets enough energy during yoga. If you want, you can eat 1 bowl of boiled vegetables, salad, or dry fruits. After yoga, eat only healthy and light food for dinner.

What you should not eat before and after yoga? 

Avoid eating too much oily, spicy and fried food before and after doing yoga or any other exercise. Avoid eating things that have high-fat content. Fatty food slows down digestion. Keep the body hydrated while doing yoga. For this, you can drink water, coconut water or lemonade.

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