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Do you know why women suffer from eating disorders? It’s about the kind of husband they have!

Most of the women think they might fail to live up to their partner's expectations.

Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk, New Delhi [ Published on: July 15, 2017 16:16 IST ]
Women are more prone to suffer from eating disorders than men

It’s a sorry state of affairs in the world that many women secretly suffer from eating disorders. But getting to the root of the problem, a recent study has revealed a rather surprising fact. It states that a woman’s desire to diet or wanting a slimmer body depends on the attractiveness of the partner she’s dating. This also highlights the fairer sex’s risk of developing eating disorders. The study revealed that women who were less attractive than their partners are prone to diet and be thin to match the attractiveness of their partner. 

On the other hand, the extra motivation diet did not exist among women who were better looking than their husbands or boyfriends. Among men, their motivation to look thin was low irrespective of how beautiful their wives are, the researchers revealed. 

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"The results reveal that having a physically attractive husband may have negative consequences for wives, especially if those wives are not particularly attractive," said Tania Reynolds, doctoral student at the Florida State University.

The study was published in the Body Image and laid some emphasis on relationships and its impact on a woman’s health. It concludes that in relationships, sometimes women fear that they will not be able to meet their partner’s expectations. Understanding the factors which lead to woman developing an eating disorders and other issues can lead to better assistance. 

"It might be helpful to identify women at risk of developing more extreme weight-loss behaviours, which have been linked to other forms of psychological distress such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse and dissatisfaction with life," Reynolds said. 

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"If we understand how women's relationships affect their decision to diet and the social predictors for developing unhealthy eating behaviours, then we will be better able to help them," she added.

The study analysed 113 newlywed couples who are married for less than four months and in average age of late 20’s, living in Dallas. The participants agreed to be rated on their attractiveness. 

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