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Tai chi: A 'soft style' martial arts technique that helps with joint pain relief, heart problems

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese martial arts form that involves the mind, body, and spirit of the person. This exercise has many health advantages. It helps in getting rid of joint pain and heart problems. Know about its benefits.

Health Desk Written by: Health Desk New Delhi Updated on: April 15, 2022 10:16 IST
Tai chi benefits

Tai chi benefits


  • People practice this martial art to cope with their stress
  • It helps the mind and body to balance together
  • It improves memory, focus, and sleep

Tai chi is a ‘soft’ martial arts technique that originated in China during ancient times. This form of workout helps in taking care of a person’s health and mental well-being. It is a series of gentle movements designed for body exercise. It also helps in clearing the mind. The movements are slow and can be learnt by anyone. It has many health benefits as mentioned below.

Aerobic conditioning

This style is performed in slow-motion and involves deep breathing. It is enjoyable and many people around the world are practising it, irrespective of their age or physical condition. Medical researches have proved that it is extremely benefcial for people who are ageing. Practising this exercise regularly has developed good breathing rates in people.


If you do not take care of your body’s well-being then it puts you at the risk of strain in the back. As a result, you will have poor body balance. Tai chi is a slow form of exercise and helps in maintaining body balance. It also focuses on the body structure and keeps it in the alignment of the spine.

Better sleep

It is a well-known fact that exercise helps with good sleep. Tai chi is no exception. One can make this art a regular part of their lifestyle to get many advantages including sound sleep. Medical studies have proved that people who are in their old age or chronically ill will sleep well after performing Tai chi.

Cardiovascular fitness 

Tai chi will also improves cardiovascular fitness. Medical studies have proved that this exercise has a greater impact on your heart and boosts your health. It gives a person the reason to lead a stress-free life. It avoids anxiety, heart attacks, heart stroke, and other heart-related problems all at once. 

Effective for arthritis

This Chinese martial art also helps in solving arthritis problems. It helps with joint pain and with the well-being of one’s health. By practising this form of exercise you can get relief from joint problems also. But, if you are an arthritis patient, it is recommended to take your doctor’s advice before giving this workout a try.


If you practice this exercise daily, you will develop some flexibility and strength. In the studies, it is found that many older people who pratised tai chi got bones strength and flexibility.

Improves posture

By putting more emphasis on the correct posture, this form of art creates greater awareness in the body. It helps a lot with stabilising the muscle's strength and maintains spine health.

Lower blood pressure

Tai chi also helps the person who is suffering from problems like lower blood pressure. According to the journal Heart & Lung, a person who performs Tai chi for six months has significantly lower blood pressure and body mass index.

Mental benefits

This mind-body exercise lowers anxiety, stress, and depression and helps in improving memory, focus, and sleep. As it is also known as a meditative exercise, this takes care of the person’s psychological well-being.

Stress management

Many people who live in western countries practice this form of martial art to cope with their stress. It helps the mind and body to balance together in harmony. Performing slow controlled movements outdoors helps them to take advantage of their surroundings and gives them nature’s energy.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Please consult a doctor before starting any fitness regime or medical advice.

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