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PM Modi on Man vs Wild HIGHLIGHTS: Prime Minister Modi says, "Never experienced fear"

PM Narendra Modi is on an unmissable adventure with host Bear Grylls on the popular adventure show Man vs Wild on Discovery channel. Check the HIGHLIGHTS of the show.

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New Delhi Updated on: August 12, 2019 23:08 IST
PM Modi on Man vs Wild LIVE updates
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PM Modi on Man vs Wild LIVE updates: Watch Prime Minister Narendra Modi on an adventure journey with Bear Grylls

PM Modi on Man vs Wild HIGHLIGHTS: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on the adventure of a lifetime with popular host Bear Grylls on Man vs Wild show on Discovery channel. Prime Minister's willingness to try the new things in life has taken him places. And now he is on the unmissable adventure in lush green jungle to protect the planet, promote peace & encourage a 'Never Give Up' spirit.

PM Modi is seen tackling various life adventures and extreme conditions for survival in the Jim Corbett National Park in India. He is accompanied by the host Edward Michael Grylls, popularly known as Bear Grylls himself. Just a few hours before the live streaming of the special episode on Discovery Channel, he took to his Twitter handle and quoted, “What better than the lush green jungles of India, in the midst of Mother Nature to throw light on environmental conservation and climate change… Do join at 9 PM tonight!.”

Not just Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the entire Nation is excited to see him try something new this time. Here are the LIVE updates as PM Modi talks about environmental preservation on Bear Grylls' show Man vs Wild.

PM Modi feels great and happy. He ends his adventure journey on a happy note, exchanging laughter with Bear Grylls. Bear Grylls says, "We all need to protect our planet and every Nation must realise this."

21.55 IST: Bear Grylls and PM Modi end their adventure journey on a positive note

PM Modi thanks Bear Grylls for the wonderful experience. PM Modi says he hopes that India becomes a great tourist destination for nature. "May all become happy and auspicious", says PM Modi. 

21.52 IST: Pm Modi talks about the need to protect Nature

If we take anything from Nature then we must think about what will happen after 50 years. He talks about how our next generation will question us. We must love Nature. 

21: 47 IST: Narendra Modi says it's the duty of every individual to save planet Earth.

India will become clean if people become clean in their thoughts and actions. PM Modi mentions Mahatama Gandhi and how his policies helped to clean the Nation.

21.43 IST: Bear Grylls and PM Modi cross a river together

PM Modi says he spent his childhood like this only as they cross the river. Bear Grylls makes PM Modi smell Neem Leaf. PM Modi says Neem Leaf is a permanent ingredient in India Currys and how they are good for health. PM Modi talks about Tulsi Vivah and the importance of plants.

21.38 IST: Bear Grylls asks PM Modi about fear

PM Modi says that" I have never experienced fear. He can't explain nervousness. His inbuilt temperament is strong."  He only looks at the positive sides of the things. 

21.34 IST: PM Modi talks about his father and financial status

Narendra Modi talks about the news of rain and how big the news of rain had been at that time. How Rain is important in the life of human beings. So, he asks to love Nature. 

21.33 IST: Bear Grylls asks PM Modi if he ever brought crocodile home

PM Modi shares his experience when he brought the baby crocodile at home.

21.28: IST: PM Modi has taken a vacation for the first time in 18 years.

PM Modi has taken a vacation for the first time in 18 years. He has made the dream of a common man, his own dreams. Talks about his mother who is around 97 years old. 

21. 26 IST:  My values in life do not teach me to take life, says PM Modi. 

Bear Grylls says PM Modi lives in an incredible country. 

21.25 IST: PM Modi says, " I have spent life with bare minimum luxuries"

Bear Grylls help PM Modi to make a spear.

21. 22 IST: PM Modi says God takes care of everyone

PM Modi learns how to make a spear for self-protection. He talks about the time he left his home. 

21.21 IST: Bear Grylls says the Tigers are the absolute Ninja of the jungle and they are dangerous. 

There are 250 Bengal Tigers. These Tigers can take up even small elephants.

21.15 IST: PM Modi talks about how he used to iron his clothes.

He says that Nature has played an important role in making up and building his life. 

21:10 IST: PM Modi talks about his home in Gujarat and his family

PM Narendra Modi mentions his family and how he was involved in social service. He said that he spent living in poverty. PM Modi talks about how they used to wash clothes and bath. He has spent his life close to Nature.

21.09 IST: PM Modi talks about Nature and his journey in Jim Corbett

PM Modi says if you want to know Nature more closely, you must visit Jim Corbett. He talks about 'Unity in Diversity' in India. PM Modi says, " If we fight with nature, it turns wild towards us.

21.08 IST: Bear Grylls' rendezvous with PM Modi 

The weather is extremely cold. PM Modi talks about the opportunity to spend some time in the jungle with Bear Grylls. Pm Modi says that this point will become a great point of attraction for the people.

21.00 IST: PM Modi with Bear Grylls on Man vs Wild in Jim Corbett, India 

Bear Grylls on his way to pick Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The park covers over 520 km of distance. There are Bengal Tigers in the jungle. 

Where will Man vs Wild be broadcasted?

This special show with PM Modi will be telecasted in 180 countries including India, America in 8 languages.

When will Man vs Wild air?

The special episode of Man vs Wild featuring PM Modi will be aired on Discovery Channel India on 12 August, Monday at 9 pm.


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