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Krishna Shroff's beau Eban reveals his possessive side when a fan calls her 'hottest woman on earth'

Krishna Shroff and her boyfriend Eban Hyams celebrated the anniversary of their first meeting with an Instagram live and answered many of their fans' queries.

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New Delhi Updated on: May 13, 2020 8:05 IST
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Krishna Shroff and Eban Hyams were asked about their wedding plans.

Jackie Shroff's daughter Krishna Shroff went live on Instagram with her boyfriend Eban Hyams as the two celebrated the anniversary of their first meeting. “This is like our anniversary in a way. We just want to celebrate with you guys. Cheers to you, babe. Cheers to us,” Eban said in Instagram live. Krishna and Eban were staying together in lockdown at her house in Mumbai before he flew back to Australia. According to Eban, Krishna will also come to Australia to spend some time with him and his family after completing formalities.

Krishna and Eban were asked about their wedding plans, to which he replied: “If we were, we would be wearing a ring, right? But it’s definitely on the cards."

During the Instagram live session, Eban didn't hesitate to show his possessive side for Krishna in response to a fan's comment. When a fan called Krishna the ‘hottest woman on earth’, Eban laughed and said, “She’s taken, bro".

Krishna also joined in, saying: “Thank you, but taken.”

Talking about how she met Eban, Krishna had told Mumbai Mirror, “I was catching up with a friend of his whom I hadn’t met in long time, but eventually ended up chatting with Eban''.

Divulging details about him, Krishna said that Tiger has known Eban for five years. They used to play basketball together. However, he is not the one to set them up. Actually, Eban didn't even know that Tiger has a sister.

When asked if Eban has Bollywood goals, Krishna said that he has acting aspirations but currently, he is focussing on music and sports.“He’s interested in films, but right now, he’s into sports and makes his own music, including rap, hip hop and R&B. He has worked in projects in LA and Australia,” she said.

Even Eban had said that they have a lot of things in common and that Krishna reminds him of his mother. “The personalities that we have are so similar. Sometimes, she reminds me of my mother and I want to be like my father. The qualities she has are the ones you look for. That’s what made our bond so much stronger,” he had said.

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