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Blind Baba Vanga's five scary predictions for 2023: From the end of natural births to solar tsunami

The mythical blind Baba Vanga has made some shocking predictions for the year 2023, all of them are bleak and depressing. Check out the five terrifying predictions.

Akshat Sundrani Written By: Akshat Sundrani New Delhi Published on: September 24, 2022 11:51 IST
Blind Baba Vanga's five scary predictions for 2023
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/TAUTARUNA.LV Blind Baba Vanga's five scary predictions for 2023

Baba Vanga, officially known as Vangeliya Pandeva Gushterova, was a mystic and herbalist from Bulgaria. She lived the majority of her life in the Rupite region of the Bulgarian Kozhuh highlands and has been blind since she was a young child. Her prophecies, which are claimed to be 85% accurate, include the Chernobyl disaster, Princess Diana's passing, and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Throughout her life, she made a number of predictions, and many of them are now coming true.

In a few months, we will enter the year 2023, and while many people will be hoping for some good news, Baba Vanga's prophecies are quite scary.

Let's take a look at the five predictions regarding the year 2023:


Vanga is cited as foreseeing the mass murder of thousands of people caused by a "large country" doing bioweapons research on humans. In light of this, it is believed that nations like China are already operating undercover bioweapons departments.

End to natural births

Another frightening prediction is that natural human births will be prohibited. The nightmarish scenario would occur when government officials purportedly push for the lab-grown production of all human life and restrict natural births.

Nuclear explosion

It is said that Baba predicted a potential nuclear power plant explosion among her many prophecies for 2023. This prophecy will be frightening as nation leaders' concerns regarding a nuclear calamity in Ukraine intensified.

Earth’s orbit to shift

Baba Vanga claimed that the Earth's orbit will shift in some way in 2023, though no specifics were provided. Whatever that change may be, it might have disastrous implications if it occurs. Because the planet is balanced, even a small adjustment could result in unwanted and seriously devastating consequences.

Solar tsunami

The arrival of a gigantic solar storm of a magnitude never before witnessed on planet Earth is another prophecy. Solar storms prophesied by Baba Vanga would cause could possibly cause mass blackouts and communication breakdowns, causing a slew of problems.

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The mystical blind lady made predictions about 2022, two of which have turned out to be true so far. The first was the forecast for significant flooding in some areas of Australia. The second prediction, though, was about the widespread drought and water shortage. Reportedly, Australia's east coast saw significant floods earlier this year as a result of excessive rain. So, she was right in what she said. She also predicted that there would be a drought and water shortages in major cities. Although the time and location were not specified, this forecast currently seems to be coming true across Europe.

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