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Just like AC, refrigerators can spark fires too: Here's how to keep your home safe

This relentless heat has led to a dramatic increase in fire incidents, notably from exploding air conditioners in cities like Noida and Ghaziabad, resulting in significant damage to homes. However, the risk doesn't end with AC units.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: June 18, 2024 17:32 IST

June is here and the temperature is still at around 50 degrees. India has been experiencing an intense heatwave for almost two months now, leading to a surge in fire incidents. From Noida to Ghaziabad, several reports were filed where the air conditioner explosions have surfaced, resulting in fire which has surfaced and has caused extensive damage to homes. 

However, it's not just AC units which are at risk. Refrigerators can also become a potential fire hazard in such extreme temperatures (which is around 50 degrees). As summer heat peaks, it is crucial to adopt safety measures while using refrigerators too, which will prevent similar dangerous mishaps.


Be it an AC, refrigerator or any other electronic device/appliance, the main reason for the fire is ‘overheating’. There could be a possibility of fire due to the heat which comes out of the refrigerator. 

In this kind of situation, you need to keep the refrigerator in a place where the heat could easily be circulated which could help the machine to cool down. It is because of the compact space, that the refrigerator’s body could get the air to cool down, due to which it could overheat and catch fire.

Voltage fluctuation

During the summer season, the electricity demand is certainly high and because of it, the voltage fluctuation is common. In a situation like this, the use of a high-voltage stabilizer is indeed necessary to protect the fridge from catching a spark or fire. A stabilizer will prevent the voltage from fluctuating and may save the life of your machine (or any appliance).

Regular maintenance

Like AC, your refrigerator also needs regular maintenance as it also has a compressor, which could have leakage or overheating problems. Regular maintenance may clean the compressor or other appliances of the fridge like filters, vents and more. By doing this, your fridge will be good enough to last longer, and the compressor of the fridge will work well and will save the machine from blast.

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Image Source : FREEPIKRefrigerator on fire


Every fridge has a defrost button, which must be used from time to time to clean the ice which is formed in the fridge. With this, the life of your refrigerator will be extended and it will not get damaged.


Keep the fridge in such a place in your house, which will get proper ventilation. If you fail to do that, the outer surface of the fridge will not cool and may result in a spark, or fire. 

In summer like this, you need to cool the refrigerator down by using a fan. You must remember that the refrigerator’s compressor comes with flammable, inflammable gases.

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