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Viral video | Drunk BJP MLA thinks 'Rana ji' will give him maafi, does tamanche pe disco

Suspended Uttarakhand BJP MLA Kunwar Pranav Singh Champion has courted controversy again. In a viral video, he can be seen dancing drunk holding several guns in hand. This is not the first time Singh's controversial video has gone viral and landed him in trouble.

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New Delhi Updated on: July 10, 2019 13:55 IST
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Grab from the viral video

As Indians, we are used to over the top displays of power from those who have it. Latest insuch a list is suspended Uttarakhand BJP MLA Kunwar Pranav Singh whose video has gone vitral online. Mr MLA is dancing in this video.

His song of choice? Mujh Ko Raana ji Maaf Karna

His drink of choice? Probably hard liquor.

Dancing props? Several guns. Real ones.

The 'dance' is not as much of a dance as it appears to be display of 'manliness'. You'd think that such a feat would involve earning medals for the country in olympics. But Mr MLA is content that he can hold three guns in the one.

"Ek haath mein teen tamanche (country-made pistol) koi pakad sakta hai?" he can be heard saying in the video.

"Noo," say his minions around him as they praise him before starting to dance.

The video has gone viral online. Scroll down to watch the video.

Not the first time

Kunwar Pranav Singh has an image of leader who courts controversy. He had to face suspension from his own party last month. Four years ago Kunwar Pranav Singh was a Congress MLA, even at that time a controversial video featuring him had gone viral. BJP was quick to denounce and attack Congress which had found itself on backfoort.

(With inputs from Saurabh Srivastava)

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