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8 easy ideas to get a luxury loft look for your home

Here are eight easy-to-do tips to get a luxury loft look for your home!

Edited by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: July 23, 2018 13:45 IST
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We are always short on space at homes especially when we head back home after a day's shopping. But not just for our shopping bags, it is important to clear the clutter at our homes time-to-time. It is important to use the extra furniture lying in our bedrooms and the best creative way to do so can be designing a loft.

A lofted design is a great way to use all the unoccupied spaces in our home and put it at some beautiful use. Lofts are not only modern but interesting and leave many options open for a creativity and make exciting and useful areas in your home.

So, here are eight easy-to-do tips to get a luxury loft look for your home!

1. Walls play an important role when it comes to designing the perfect luxury loft. And playing around with texture or something with intricate workmanship could easily give it a feeling of luxury. Some examples could be, upholstered walls, 3D boards, marble inlays, metal inlays, wall murals, etc.

2. To save space in your converted loft is to make use of any unusual shapes or features of your loft. Shelving is one of the easiest and effective ways to do this and will add an extra layer of style to the room while keeping it neat and tidy at the same time.

3. Lights are predominantly used for functional purposes. But using lights to set the mood could be classified as luxury. Different lighting ideas could be used in different variations to create multiple moods in a luxury loft design.

4. Having mirrors around the loft helps to make space look larger. For example, you could decorate the loft into a changing room with a few stylish and simple shaped mirrors such as hearts, circle, and stars. It will also add a taste of glamour to the area.

5. Whether you paper a small panel or a full room, use the pattern to create a unique look. Wallpaper is great for adding instant personality to space, so choose a design that you really love. Background colour has a big impact on the overall feel of a room - choose more muted colors in the bedroom for a restful feel.

6. Furniture could be another element that could be used to make a pep up a luxury loft. Accent furniture could be used to add a touch of color to space. As well as layering a bed or a diwan with quilts and cushions could bring in a sense of luxury if done right.

7. One advantage of a loft is the fact that it has the roof of the structure right above it, which gives it a lot of scopes to do something crazy. One such idea would be to give it an LCD glass panel for a portion of the roof and have some cool features to it. It could be made a clear sunroof, it could be made a blackout panel, it could have a starry night display on it, etc.

8. Having an extra space is a great way to arrange your belongings. It could also be used as a spare room, especially as a small sanctuary for reading or working. The additional space will benefit those who work from home most of the time as it allows them to feel comfortable and more focused.

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