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Top 9 restaurants in Beverly Hills to give you an authentic taste of Asia!

Longing for a taste of the Far East in Beverly Hills? We have a list of 9 award-winning restaurants that will satisfy your Asian food cravings!

India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Updated on: September 17, 2019 18:01 IST
These 9 restaurants in Beverly Hills will give you an

These 9 restaurants in Beverly Hills will give you an authentic taste of Asia!

If you are longing for a taste of the Far East in Beverly Hills, the pearl-sized city boasts a collection of the finest Asian restaurants worldwide, sure to satisfy any palate. From traditional, authentic cuisines to modern, fusion tastes, you can find Asian restaurants of all kinds, sprinkled throughout the city. Whatever you choose, Beverly Hills’ award-winning Asian restaurants and its renowned chefs will take you on a culinary adventure of distinctive flavours that will entice you to head back again and again.

1. Mr. Chow 

India Tv - Chow

For more than 30 years, Mr. Chow has been recognized as one of Beverly Hills’ staple restaurants, known for its stylish black-and-white décor, superb Chinese cuisine and frequent celebrity dinner guests. The restaurant serves a delicious combination of authentic Beijing dishes and original recipes from award-winning Executive Chef Yi Jia Qian. While signature entrees include Chicken Satay, Mr. Chow Noodles and Ma Mignon, you can’t leave Mr. Chow without ordering the signature Beijing Duck. Some say it’s one of the best prepared Beijing Duck dishes in the world!

2. Xi’an 

India Tv - Xián Restaurant

Xián Restaurant

Xi'an is a lively, casual Chinese fusion restaurant that boasts delicious healthy cuisine, fine wine and intriguing martinis. Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Xi’an’s menu features signature Chinese dishes including Kung Pao Shrimp, Mongolian Beef and Won Ton Soup, as well as traditional appetizers with a twist, like Szechuan wontons, lettuce wrap bao buns and more. Nestled along Little Restaurant Row on Canon Drive, Xi’an is a perfect place for a romantic alfresco dinner and has a private dining room for large dinner parties.

3. Crustacean 

India Tv - Crustasean


If you crave Vietnamese French fusion cuisine in a more elegant setting, look no further than Crustacean on South Santa Monica Boulevard. Renowned Chef Helene An delivers enticing seafood dishes such as its signature Dungeness crab roasted in pepper-garlic sauce or simmered in saké, Chardonnay, garlic and scallions; giant grilled tiger prawns lounging on garlic noodles that have a hint of sweetness and are positively addictive; or whole Marine lobster with angel hair pasta. Not only is the menu as impressive as its sounds, but the décor is equally alluring, with a koi-filled stream flowing through the bar and dining room. It’s no wonder Crustacean attracts high-profile guests such as Hollywood power player and celebrities.

4. p.s Beverly Hills at Sirtaj Hotel 

India Tv - p.s. Beverly hills

p.s. Beverly hills

Only steps away from Rodeo Drive at SIRTAJ Hotel, p.s. beverly hills offers classic Indian and Indian-inspired dishes in an intimate atmosphere of simple wooden décor and a calming waterfall. The menu at p.s. beverly hills bursts with flavour and offers a wide variety of Indian dishes for any palate. Try the Dakshini Jhinga, a coconut shrimp curry, or Lamb Ki Chaampen, lamb chops with tamarind, mango and curry potatoes, and don’t forget to save room for dessert. Sirtaj serves a savoury-sweet carrot fudge called Gajar Halwa and Chocolate Samosas, a twist on the classic savoury pastry.

5. Matsuhisa 

India Tv - Matsuhisa


Matsuhisa Beverly Hills was founded in 1987 by Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa and incorporates Latin American elements into Japanese cooking. The restaurant serves creative fusion dishes such as Sashimi Salad with Matsuhisa soy sauce dressing, Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno, Squid Pasta with light garlic sauce and Black Cod with Miso. Matsuhisa’s innovative menu also attracts Hollywood celebrities, so while you experience what Zagat calls "the gold standard" for LA sushi and the birthplace of Nobu style cuisine, you may also find yourself sitting next to someone famous.

6. Sugarfish

When it comes to sushi, Sugarfish is paramount, serving traditional sushi of the highest quality. The restaurant, created by the legendary Chef Kazunori Nozawa, delivers fresh sushi and sashimi a la carte, as well as a few combination dishes that serve the restaurant’s most popular sushi and hand rolls on one plate. The “Trust Me” combination plate is a top favourite and comes with a mix of Tuna sashimi, Salmon sushi, Yellowtail sushi and a Halibut Blue Crab hand roll among others. For a special occasion, ask for a reservation to the Nozawa Bar, a 10-seat sushi bar that delivers a one-of-a-kind omakase experience by Chef Osamu Fujita. The daily changing 20-course menu for this exclusive dining option is created each day from fish hand-selected by Chefs Nowzawa and Fujita that morning. 

7. Yojisan Sushi 

Yojisan Sushi serves contemporary Japanese cuisine and sushi in an intimate space on Beverly Drive. Inspired by Yojisan Sushi’s unique culinary creations, such as its Hamachi and Burrata Sashimi plate, the restaurant is designed with modern and creative décor, such as a floating garden, bamboo-shaped lights and inverted boxes perched from the ceiling that hint at traditional Japanese bento meals. In addition to the creative dishes such as the Spicy Tuna Tacos and the Red Snapper and Pear Carpaccio, try the Lobster and Heart of Palm Salad, Yojisan Sushi’s most popular dish!

8. Genwa Korean BBQ

At Genwa Korean BBQ, not only can you dine on traditionally-prepared Korean dishes, but you can be your own chef and grill your own choice of Korean-marinated meats and seafood, such as Prime Galbi, prime cuts of short ribs marinated in house special sauce or Cha Dol, thinly sliced unseasoned prime brisket. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but if it’s a special occasion, try the Wagyu Beef Special Ribeye. The order comes with a generous serving of Wagyu beef, which is known for its rich marbled texture and mouth-watering flavour. If you still have room for dessert, Genwa serves a delectable selection of tropical gelatos like mango and coconut, as well as Green Tea ice cream!

9. Tempura Endo

Tempura Endo, on South Santa Monica Boulevard, offers Kyoto-style tempura, which is lighter and uses less oil, featuring high quality ingredients, such as abalone, sea urchin and lobster tail. Guests who reserve a seat at the bar can enjoy a multi-course tempura menu, prepared in front of their eyes and those opting for the Kiyomizu or Higashiyama menu will finish the evening with a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony.