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Water Yoga For Beginners: Swami Ramdev shows how it can be done, says it keeps depression, high BP away

Water or aqua yoga can give double benefits of keeping you fit and cool at the same time. Swami Ramdev in a special segment on India TV teaches how you can do it perfectly in your swimming pool or bathtubs along with added benefits.

Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Updated on: June 22, 2020 14:54 IST

Many people face the problem of body fatigue throughout the day due to poor lifestyle and food. Due to fatigue, you are unable to do any work properly. In this case, yoga can help you a lot. Through yoga, you can keep the body, mind, and mind completely healthy. You must have done a lot of yoga while staying on the ground, but do you know it can be done in water as well? Aqua yoga can give double benefits of making you fit and keeping your body cool. According to Swami Ramdev, doing water yoga makes the body flexible and it even relieves all your pain. Know which Yogasanas you can do by staying in the water and also about its added benefits.

Yogasanas that can be done in water

Vriksasana - Do this yoga asana by standing in water till shoulders. Performing this asana will have a complete balance on your body. The spine will be straight as it becomes stronger. There will be a stretch on the muscles of the thighs, legs. Relieve stress with weight loss.

Tadasana- This asana is done in water till the shoulders. This relieves irritability. Along with increasing the length, the whole body stretching will be done properly. Will get rid of the bile problem.

Konasana- By doing this asana underwater, the body's fatigue is reduced. Apart from this, all kinds of body pain are relieved.

Garudasana- By doing this asana, the body becomes agile. Also helpful in increasing length, increasing concentration.

Pranayam that can be done in water:

To get rid of many diseases including stress, anxiety, heart problem, liver, kidney, cancer, do pranayama by sitting in water. You will get great benefits from this.

Kapalbhati- For this pranayama, sit in the water-filled till the throat or shoulders and do Kapalbhati with ease. With this, you will get rid of all kinds of diseases.

Anulom Vilom- Staying in water gives double benefits of Anulom Vilom. This will keep your body full of energy. With this, the flow of oxygen in your body will be faster. For this, first of all sit underwater in the posture of Padmasana. Now put the ring finger of the right hand and the smallest finger on the left nose and place the thumb on the right nose. Fold the index finger and middle finger together. Now fill the breath from the left nostril and close it by mixing the ring finger and the smallest finger. After this, remove the thumb from the right nose and exhale. This posture can be done from 5 minutes to half an hour.

Surya Namaskar- If you want, you can do Surya Namaskar by staying inside the water. There will also be excellent health benefits.

Bhramari pranayama- To perform this pranayama, first sit in the state of Sukhasana or Padmasana. Now let's take a deep breath inside. Breathing first, keep your fingers in the frontal. In which 3 fingers close the eyes. The ears are closed with the thumb. They close their mouths and sing 'Om'.

Udgith Pranayama- To perform this pranayama, sit down in Padmasana or Sukhasana and chant 'Oom' with a calm mind.

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