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Feeling anxious? Here's how you can identify symptoms in time

Nowadays you must have heard the word 'anxiety' from a lot of people. Anxiety is a type of disorder in which people may feel nervous and have trouble breathing. Know what are the causes and symptoms of anxiety.

Written By: Kristina Das @ New Delhi Published on: July 10, 2024 16:02 IST
symptoms of breathlessness and nervousness
Image Source : FREEPIK Here's how you can identify symptoms of breathlessness and nervousness.

The condition of anxiety or panic attacks sometimes makes one restless. Some people consider it as a sign of a heart attack, while many times people are not aware of this condition. Although anxiety attack is not a serious or panic-causing condition but you must know its causes. There can be many reasons for anxiety. Stress, not being able to say anything, not being able to express your feelings openly, overthinking, workload or increasing responsibilities can also be the reason for this. If you know the right reasons, then you can avoid those situations or fix them. Let us know what are the causes and symptoms of anxiety.

Many times people are troubled by anxiety disorder, but they do not know what disease it is. If anxiety is not treated, it can become serious in the long run. Increasing anxiety can push you towards depression. Let us know from Dr Bhumesh Tyagi, Professor of the Internal Medicine Department of Sharda Hospital, what are the symptoms of anxiety and how can be avoided.

Symptoms of anxiety 

Feeling anxious and nervous

Difficulty breathing
Sleepiness and dizziness
Digestive problems and nausea
Weakness and excessive sweating
Cold or numb hands and feet
A sudden increase in heartbeat
Lack of interest in work

What are the causes of anxiety?

Although every person can have different reasons for anxiety. You have to identify when and under what circumstances the situation worsens. When do you feel that your anxiety is increasing? Apart from this, these can be the main reasons.

  • Stress- Many events or stressful situations in your life can be a cause of worry. Such as family tension, problems in a relationship, work tension or any other reason that increases your stress. That can be the cause of anxiety.
  • Illness- Many times people are troubled by some disease and are worried about its treatment. This can be the cause of anxiety. You may be worried about your child's health or your health.
  • Suffocation- Many times you are unable to express your feelings and feel suffocated inside. This can cause you to feel anxious. When you are unable to express your feelings openly to anyone, it increases stress which can cause anxiety.
  • Trauma- Sometimes a traumatic event or shock can lead you to anxiety. Such people gradually have an increased risk of developing anxiety disorders.

How to cure anxiety?

The best way to reduce anxiety is to share your feelings with someone. Talk openly and do not keep things in your mind. If the situation is serious, you can get treatment for anxiety disorder through psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. 

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