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Sarfira Movie Review: Akshay Kumar's film is a story of pain, sacrifice and victory after challenges

Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal and Radhika Madan starrer Sarfira has been released in theatres today. The film is a Hindi remake of Suriya's National Award-winning film Soorarai Pottru. Scroll down further to read the full review.

Jaya Dwivedie Updated on: July 12, 2024 0:01 IST
Read Sarfira Movie Review here
Read Sarfira Movie Review herePhoto:IMDB
  • Movie Name:Sarfira Movie Review
  • Critics Rating: 4 / 5
  • Release Date: July 12, 2924
  • Director: Sudha Kongara
  • Genre: Drama

It is very easy to find flaws in a film when it is remade in Bollywood. With several instances in the past, people go to watch any remake with a preconceived notion. This is usually the reason why remakes fail at the box office, but luckily Akshay Kumar's film 'Sarfira' has come out well despite being a Hindi remake. Director Sudha Kongara, who made 'Soorarai Pottru', has directed 'Sarfira' as well and in the right direction, which is why despite being a remake, the film is very close to the original story. Well, to know how successful Akshay's film is, along with the acting rage of the main cast and direction the story, read the full review.


'Sarfira' is based on the true story of GR Gopinath, who started the first low-cost airline in India. Gopinath, a resident of a small village, had big dreams. The story of the high flight to make these dreams come true by overcoming challenges as he turns his pain into passion. In 'Sarfira', Akshay Kumar plays Veer Mhatre, a former army officer who faces constant rejection. Yet he never gives up. His ambition to make affordable air travel available to millions of Indians is a dream that has many hurdles in its way. The biggest one is air business tycoon Paresh Goswami, played by Paresh Rawal. Paresh Goswami ensures that every step Veer takes is immediately met with a major setback. Veer is not alone in this battle. He has his courageous wife Rani (Radhika Madan), close friends and the blessings of his mother who support him in every endeavour. Apart from this, there is also the sympathy of the villagers. Time and again Paresh will stir, torment and hurt Veer's soul but each attack will strengthen his spirit rather than weaken it. 'Sarfira' also shows the discrimination between poverty and wealth and also takes the initiative to eliminate it.


Sudha Kongara's writing and staging of her scenes show her positive attitude towards life. This is the main attraction of the film. From the first scene of the plane announcing 'Mayday' to the depth of Veer's mindset and his never-say-die passion, Sudha has succeeded in telling the story of fulfilling ambition with vision. The film talks deeply about many social issues and speaks to the point. Along with the economic inequality of rich and poor, the film presents a new definition of women being empowered even when they are involved in the decisions of men. It talks about a woman who not only walks hand in hand with the man but also becomes his shield when trouble comes to the man. Sudha Kongara is a woman, perhaps this is the reason why she could portray such a woman accurately. Overall, the direction of the film is well-balanced, which is why the film keeps you engaged even after emotional and tear-jerking scenes.


Director Kongara has not missed out on bringing back Kumar. The film will remind you of Akshay Kumar from Airlift, Baby, and Rustom. People were waiting for this comeback of Akshay Kumar. The actor has made a solid comeback. He is amazing in emotional scenes, in many places his sadness will make you cry. Akshay has an emotional scene when he cries in front of his mother, who is played by the brilliant Seema Biswas. The honesty of both can be seen in this scene. Despite his superstar status, Akshay is looking good as a common man, this is the reason why he was able to express the right emotions. Radhika Madan's performance is absolutely brilliant which surprises you. This can be called the best role that the actress has ever played. Akshay and Radhika's pairing and amazing coordination can be seen throughout the film. Radhika is a crazy person with a crazy person. Only a queen can give the strength to a crazy person to become a hero and Radhika is explaining the meaning of this line in a precise manner. Her jugalbandi, romantic timing, and cinematic chemistry with Akshay make for light and beautiful moments or say, it gives a feeling of coolness in the summer.


Paresh Rawal is strong, seasoned, and effortless as always. This is the reason why he is considered among the legends of acting. Anil Charanjeet, Krishnakumar Balasubramaniam, and Saurabh Goyal are presenting an example of a true friend in the role of Akshay's friend. The characters of all three are effective and eye-catching even in small roles.


There are many songs in the film which are a bit distracting. By removing these songs, the screen time of the film could have been reduced by 15 minutes, which would have made the story more crisp. At present, the title track and some songs of the film are also effective. However, the shortcomings are less because Akshay Kumar is an expert in presenting real stories.


Overall, 'Sarfira' is a must-watch film, which is successful in giving many messages. The story of the film gives the spirit to fight challenges, hence, we are giving it 4 stars.