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Meet one in a million 'Aadi Swaroopa', who writes in 11 styles with both hands simultaneously

Amazing: Have you seen a kid who is able to write with his/her hands simultaneously and in 11 different styles? If not then, you must know about 'Aadi Swaroopa' who is one in a million.

Bhagya Luxmi Edited By: Bhagya Luxmi @Bhagya_Luxmi New Delhi Updated on: February 06, 2023 17:10 IST
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Image Source : TWITTER Meet one in a million 'Aadi Swaroopa', who writes in 11 styles from both hands simultaneously

Amazing: You must have heard 'Everyone is unique in their own way' and have believed. 'Aadi Swaroopa' from Mangaluru is a 17-year-old girl who can be said the perfect epitome of the before-mentioned quote. Here, we will provide you with some most interesting facts about Aadi Swaroopa who is truly one in a million. A video of this 17-year-old girl has caught the attention of people on the social media website. 

In this video, Aadi can be seen writing with her both hands simultaneously. To your amazement, she is using both her hands to write in different styles at a time. As per some news reports, Aadi Swaroopa has a rare ability called 'ambidexterity.' This rare ability helps her to write with both; left and right hands simultaneously. You will be surprised to know that, she can write in 11 different ways including blindfold and backward. 

Lata Foundation's Exclusive World Record

Aadi Swaroopa was once awarded Exclusive World Record by the Bareilly-based Lata Foundation for writing 45 words from both hands simultaneously in one minute in English and Kannada.

A tech enthusiast Ravi Karkara took to Twitter and shared a video of Aadi Swaroopa that has stunned every viewer. He wrote, 'She is 'Aadi Swaroopa' from Mangalore. She can WRITE in 11 different styles. Both Parts of her BRAIN functions at the Same Time, one in a million. Amazing! This Skill is Known as Ambidexterity.'

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