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Fuel rates remain unchanged on April 9: Know how much tax you pay on petrol and diesel above Rs 100

Petrol and diesel prices have constantly headed north over the past few days but it seems to have settled for now as fuel charges remain unchanged for three straight days.

India TV News Desk Written by: India TV News Desk New Delhi Updated on: April 09, 2022 14:58 IST
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Petrol and diesel prices remained unchanged on April 9. 


  • Petrol and diesel cost remain unchanged for three straight days
  • Fuel has become dearer by Rs 10 due to the constant rise in cost since March 22
  • Know what amount you are paying as tax while purchasing petrol and diesel above Rs 100

The cost of petrol and diesel remain steady for three days in a row. This looks like some sort of relief as the cost was riding an upward graph over the last few days. Due to the constant rise since March 22, fuel has become dearer by Rs 10 per litre.

We must understand that although the price is stable for three straight days, petrol and diesel are being sold at different rates in different states. Surprising though but an individual pays Rs 65 as a tax on petrol of Rs 100 in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. The figures from other states will also startle you. 

In Madhya Pradesh and Kerala, about Rs 61 has to be paid for Rs 100, Rs 60 in Rajasthan, Rs 55 in Chhattisgarh-Karnataka and Rs 54 in West Bengal. 

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Similarly, in Punjab, Rs 53 has to be paid for Rs 100, Rs 52 in Bihar-Jharkhand, Rs 50 in Jammu and Kashmir, and Rs 48 in UP and Rs 46 in Gujarat. This includes taxes from both the central and state governments.

According to IOCL, on April 9, petrol in Delhi is Rs 105.41 per litre and diesel is Rs 96.67 per litre. While in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, petrol is being sold at up to Rs 118.26 per litre and diesel up to Rs 101.29 per litre. In Balaghat, petrol is Rs 120.48 and diesel is Rs 103.32 per litre. The sudden surge in fuel cost is triggered by Oil companies increasing fuel prices 14 times in the last 19 days.

In the first nine months (April-December) of the current financial year (2021-22), the income of the central government has increased by almost 24 per cent to Rs 3,31,621.07 crore from tax on petroleum products.

Taxes on petrol and diesel, too, are increasing continuously. In 2014, the central government used to charge Rs 9.48 per litre excise duty on petrol, which increased to Rs 32.90 in November 2021, currently, it is Rs 27.90 per litre. 

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