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  4. Titanic reimagined with Leonardo DiCaprio and a cat is the 'purrfect' love story, watch video

Titanic reimagined with Leonardo DiCaprio and a cat is the 'purrfect' love story, watch video

In a clip shared on OwlKitty YouTube channel, a black cat replaces Kate Winslet in all iconic Titanic film moments with Leonardo DiCaprio. Netizens were quick to comment that this is the 'purrfect' love story. 

India TV Trending Desk Written by: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: February 16, 2022 13:01 IST

Edited YouTube video reimgines Titanic movie with a cat


  • A parody video shared on OwlKitty YouTube channel edits out Kate Winslet in scenes with DiCaprio
  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack spends quality time with a cat in Titanic scenes in a fan video
  • Comments flooded the OwlKitty YouTube page after the edited video of Jack and the cat was shared

Titanic from director James Cameron is one of the most loved romantic films of all time. Featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as Jack and Rose, the star-crossed lovers, the 1997 movie went on to win multiple Oscar Awards. The story has been etched in the memory of the fans, who like to revisit it time and again. In the latest instance, a fan of the movie replaced Winslet in the scenes from the film with a cat and the result is quite adorable. 

In the newly edited video, Titanic comes out to be the love story of Jack and the cat. The video, shared on the YouTube channel OwlKitty, shows a trailer of Titanic only with Lizzy the cat instead of Winslet. The trailer gives glimpses of some of the memorable scenes from the movie, like the tap-dancing scene, the portrait painting scene and even the tragic end sequence of Titanic.

According to a report by the DailyMail, the video was made by YouTubers Thibault Charroppin and Olivia Boone especially for Valentine's Day. Take a look. 

This clip has garnered over 822k views and tons of loving comments from pet lovers. However, this is not Lizzy the cat's first time starring in a movie. The black feline has been earlier photoshopped in scenes from several Hollywood blockbuster movies like The Avengers, Jurassic Park, Pulp Fiction, Jaws and The Shining.

One of the comments on the cat with Jack video read, "In all honesty, this actually looks like an actual heartwarming + tearjerking movie about a young man going on a cruise adventure with his beloved pet cat," and another netizen wrote, "Kate’s face when she sees the sketch… and Leo’s “I know, right!” look in response. Priceless. You’ve outdone yourself Owlkitty. Best thing I’ve ever seen on the internet.. ever (sic)."



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