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Prince Harry's doppleganger is 'worried' about his safety; know what makes him feel 'uneasy'

After Prince Harry's revelations about Taliban killings, his lookalike is concerned for his own safety.

India TV Trending Desk Edited By: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Updated on: January 13, 2023 16:52 IST
Prince Harry's doppleganger is 'worried'
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/PRINCEHARRYOFENGLAND, Prince Harry's doppleganger is 'worried'

The popularity of well-known personalities and their doppelgängers go hand in hand. Now, a man named Rhys Whittock is making headlines on the internet as a Prince Harry lookalike. The revelations in Prince's memoir "Spare," which received sharp criticism, have also made life tough for his most apparent doppleganger. The royal claimed that while serving as a military helicopter pilot in Afghanistan, he killed 25 people. On the internet, his revelations have caused fury. Harry came under potential danger from the Taliban government for his statement, and now his lookalike is concerned about his own safety.

In an interview with GB News, the lookalike said that while he was worried about Prince Harry, he was equally worried about himself. He confessed that he was so worried that he was considering wearing a disguise in public. 

Whittock said, "So my initially my first thought was my goodness, this is terrible news for Harry, for his safety and his family. It wasn't until my Mum texted me and said 'Rhys, Harry's revelations about his kill count for the Taliban, he's now a target, you need to wear your glasses when you're out in public. And I was like, oh my gosh, I hadn't thought about this." 

He also said, "But I've thought since and I'm quite worried because every single day, I get recognised as Prince Harry in some way or another. And I'm thinking, my gosh, if I was to head to work in my suit like this."

Whittock further said, "That's what I'd normally do, I'd get prepared at home just get the train looking like Harry." 

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He was then quizzed on whether he felt that the Duke had put his safety at risk as a result of the revelations in his memoir. He replied, "To a degree, yes, but if I wanted to, I could shave my beard and dye my hair."

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