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Not a dead-man's finger; Can you guess what it is? Internet has bizarre reactions

A strange picture that resembles a dead man's finger is going around the internet. Here's what the netizens have to say about it.

India TV Trending Desk Edited By: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Updated on: January 17, 2023 16:47 IST
Not a dead-man's finger; Can you guess what it is?
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/@IFSSAMRAT Not a dead-man's finger; Can you guess what it is?

We are always in awe of nature's beauty. However, there are some aspects of nature that occasionally leave us perplexed. We occasionally come across things that leave us intrigued and full of questions. Despite the fact that we are frantically searching for answers, we have no idea what they are. Now, a picture is making the rounds, and it has taken the internet by surprise. The picture depicts eerie feet that seem to belong to a horror movie scene. We bet you thought it was a dead man's feet at first sight, but it isn't.

Indian Forest Service officer Samrat Gowda took to her Twitter account and shared the peculiar picture. You might be surprised to discover that it was actually a fungus that resembled a dead man's finger. The picture in the post was of a fungus named Xylaria polymorpha. It was weird because it looked like a dead man's fingers, since it had a bluish-grey colour with charred ends.

IFS officer mentioned in a separate tweet, "This is Xylaria polymorpha, a fungus commonly known as dead man's finger."

The post garnered several reactions from netizens. One user wrote, "Whatever it is I don't care, but if I see it I will start running in the opposite direction, probably faster than Ussain Bolt ever ran, without looking back... This thing is freaking scary." 

Another user wrote "It's scary, but happy to know it's a fungus.... Thank you." A third user wrote, "Don't care sir. I m running faaar faaar away from it." A user also wrote, "fingers of a ghost." 

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The post's distinctive appearance undoubtedly drew a significant amount of online attention. The comments area was swamped with responses from netizens. Some users commented on how terrifying it appeared, while others made comparisons to ghosts. Many people who knew what it was also shared the awareness that it was a fungus.

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