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  4. Former Ukraine politician's wife caught with crores of cash stashed in suitcases, see viral pics

Former Ukraine politician's wife caught with crores of cash stashed in suitcases, see viral pics

Former Ukraine MP Igor Kotvitsky's wife was caught in the neighbouring nation Hungary with suitcases full of cash. Many on social media are left wondering what she was doing with this huge amount after fleeing the war-torn country. 

India TV Trending Desk Written by: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: March 23, 2022 14:23 IST
suitcase with money
Image Source : TWITTER/@NEXTA_TV

Woman's suitcases showing crores of cash


  • The former MP was reportedly once one of the most powerful politicians in Ukraine
  • Many on social media wondered what the money was for?
  • The woman was caught by authorities in Hungary after she fled Ukraine with cash filled in suitcases

Even as heartbreaking images of refugees and people affected by the Russia-Ukraine war continue to surface on social media, an ex-politician’s wife has been caught in Hungary by authorities with USD 28 million (Rs 213 crore) and €1.3 million (Rs 10.92 crore) in cash stashed in different suitcases, according to media outlets in Ukraine.  

The husband of the woman is former Ukrainian Member of Parliament Igor Kotvitsky, as per a report. The 52-year-old politician was once one of the wealthiest MPs of the country. The wife of former Ukrainian Member of Parliament Kotvytskyy was caught by authorities in neighbouring Hungary with cash - stashed in suitcases - as she was trying to flee the war-torn country. 

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The images of cash loaded with cash bundles are viral on social media and many are left wondering what these huge sums of money are for? 


Meanwhile, the war between Russia and Ukraine is nearing a month. Many images on social media have indicated the toll the Russian offensive has taken on Ukraine. Many citizens have fleed the war-torn country and others who have stayed back have taken up arms.  

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights says 902 civilians have been killed and another 1,459 have been wounded so far in the war in Ukraine. Millions have been displaced from their homes in search of safety and the destruction of property is mammoth. 

The international community continues to condemn Russia and its stance in the ongoing war. many sanctions have also been imposed as a result of Russian President Vladimir Putin's actions. Donations and medical supply continues to be sent to Ukraine in the midst of the war.