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  4. Baby goat in Pakistan is born with 19-inch long ears. Is this a new Guinness World record?

Baby goat in Pakistan is born with 19-inch long ears. Is this a new Guinness World record?

This Pakistani goat grabbed many eyeballs after it was born with 19-inch long ears. It is being said that the goat belongs to the Nubian breed and the goat’s owner is looking forward to a Guinness World Record for the long ears of his goat.

Charu Jain Edited by: Charu Jain New Delhi Published on: June 21, 2022 20:42 IST
Goat with long ears

Goat with long ears

Can you imagine a baby goat becoming a local celebrity? Well, this goat born with 19-inch long ears in Pakistani has become the talk of the town. It was born on June 5 with unusually long ears and now, everyone wants to have a look at it. It is said that she belongs to a Nubian breed of goats which usually have long ears. It helps them keep cool in the hot weather. The owner of this goat has named her Simba.

Simba’s ears length is pretty unusual from the standard size. It is also being said that she can hold a Guinness World record as her ears length is almost 19 inches (46 cm).

India Tv - Simba with his owner


Simba with his owner

According to media reports, the owner of the goat Muhammad Hassan Narejo was surprised to see the 19-inch-long ears of the baby goat. When she walks, her ears get dragged on the floor and also wiggle in the wind.

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As per a report inTelegraph, these long ears can be a result of gene mutation or genetic disorder. The owner is hoping that his goat Simba will become a Guinness world record holder.

Other than this the most common breed of goat that is found in Pakistan is Kamori. The country is regarded as the third largest goat-producing country in the world. Some of the goat breeds are just raised for meat, while some are used for both meat and milk. Nubian goat produces high-quality milk which is used to produce different milk-based products.

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