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Chrome on iOS introduces a feature allowing the address bar to be moved to the bottom

Google is making a controversial design change to Chrome, following a similar move by Apple for Safari two years ago. Now the iOS users can change the position of address bar from top to placing it at the bottom, for more ease of use.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: November 01, 2023 10:13 IST
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Image Source : FILE Chrome on iOS introduces a feature allowing the Address Bar to be moved to the bottom

Google is reportedly rolling out an update for its Chrome browser for iOS, which enables users to have an option for moving the address bar from the top of the screen to the bottom. This feature is under testing and was spotted in the beta versions earlier this year, and it is now available to iOS users across the world. Although the default setting is still placed in the address bar at the top, those iOS users who prefer it at the bottom can easily make the changes on their devices by accessing the 'address bar' option which is available in the Settings menu. Also, the user can long-press on the bar itself and select 'move address bar to the bottom' and you are done.

Reason for adopting change

The company implemented changes after a couple of years since Apple introduced a similar feature in its exclusive Safari browser when the new iOS 15 was released. Although it initially met with a little controversy, on the bottom-oriented address bar has upscale its popularity among users who appreciate the convenience of not having to stretch their thumbs to the top of the screen to input URLs or search terms. Now the option to relocate the address bar has a hit for those who think it is comfortable.

Currently limited to its iOS version of Chrome

Google's implementation of editing the address bar is currently limited to only the iOS version of Chrome. It is worth noting that Google had experimented with a similar function for the Android version earlier, but it has finally and officially brought the feature for the iOS apps.

One-handed browsing experience

Those users who appreciate a more accessible address bar and have previously passed on the feature will be giving it yet another try for a few weeks which might provide a fresh perspective to the users. The change caters to users who find it more convenient to have the address bar at the bottom of the screen to improve the one-handed browsing experience.

When to expect the feature in Android devices?

As for Android users, they may expect a similar feature in the coming time as the tech giant is continuously working on enhancing its mobile browser experience.

Overall, the option to move the address bar at the bottom of the screen in Chrome (only for iOS devices) is expected to enhance user accessibility and comfort while browsing on any iPhone.

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